Trailer Tuesday: Drinking Buddies

Last week, Nick and I watched Drinking Buddies on a whim after finding it on Netflix. Anna Kendrick is in it, which is mostly why I said yes (and we didn’t have any beers or ciders in the house, which is why I almost said no). I’m not entirely sure that the trailer fits the vibe of this indie flick — I’m not even sure I’d call it a comedy, which it seemed to market itself as. It’s not overwhelmingly quirky either, but I would say it’s melancholy. (I mean, Berger Ron Livingston is in it, so maybe I should’ve seen it coming?) I think Drinking Buddies is an ideal movie for a rainy night in when you’re not sure what movie genre you’re in the mood for. There’s some chuckles and there’s a few moments of poignancy.

Anyone else catch up with Drinking Buddies?

~ Sarah