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Happy Link Love!


From everyone’s favorite list-makers over at Cracked, nine crazy movie premises – that actually happened.

Some tips for those of us learning to cook on a college budget.

For some reason I always forget how hot it gets in the summer – here’s how to handle the heat in a professional setting.

College Fashion tells us about easy ways to update your summer wardrobe.

So I’m obsessed with leopard print (see here and here), so I need to try this leopard print nail tutorial from Hello Giggles a.s.a.p.

Sure to put a smile on your face: ways to nourish your soul.

Every College Girl gives us simple tips to save money.

☀ Sarah

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Happy One Year!

I should've bought myself dessert today.


A year ago today, I was sitting at my mom’s dining room table, working up the nerve to hit publish on my first-ever blog post. Tonight, I’m sitting at my kitchen table in my Bronx apartment (with exposed brick and stainless steel appliances, natch) and I’m happy to say it’s my first blogiversary!

I don’t want to get too sentimental or anything, since this space is “just a blog”, but it’s really not. It’s been great being welcomed by the blogging community and creating my own little niche in the blogosphere. Not only has Shades of Sarah grown so much in the past year, but so have I. Actually, after a tough sophomore year of college, I can say a lot has changed for me in the past two weeks, but all for the better.

For those of you who have thought about starting your own blogs, I have this piece of advice: do it. Not only have I found a hobby I love and stuck with, but it’s given me opportunities too. I’m a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Fordham and I’m an editorial at Lovelyish, a Web site run by Xanga. And I love it.

And enormous amount of gratitude goes out to my readers, whoever you are. Thanks for all of your support, especially my blog friends and real-life friends. If you want reminisce with me, you can take a look back at some of my favorite and most popular posts.

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Thank you again everyone! Here’s to a fabulous second year!

☀ Sarah

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Stars and Stripes


Today is Memorial Day, formerly Decoration Day, in the United States. Although Memorial Day is now often a day reserved for barbecues, summer blockbusters and the like, the holiday originated after the Civil War to honor the dead. Like Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day is an opportunity to just take a moment out of your day remember those who serve – both living and dead.

Today I want to focus on the people who give something back to the troops, particularly the USO. The nonprofit provides morale and recreational services to the U.S. military, and many entertainers have participated in live shows for the troops since the Second World War. Some photos:

Bob and Delores Hope


Marilyn Monroe


Carrie Underwood


Scarlett Johansson


Stephen Colbert


For more information on the relationship between Hollywood and the United Service Organization, visit here. Have a great day, everyone.

~ Sarah