Classical Music, French Bread & Juice Boxes

On Monday night, I met up with my friends Christine and Alyssa at the Great Lawn in Central Park for Philharmonic in the Park! It’s a New York tradition that went on hiatus last summer (bummer). The New York Philharmonic plays in parks in every borough over the course of about a week., and I was excited to cross it off my New York bucket list.

It was a lovely evening of friends, good conversation, a French baguette, apple grape juice and ice cream (for dessert!). Oh, and heat and humidity, but that’s summer for you. And some creeping on some really fancy picnic set ups. You better believe we’re going to be prepared come next year.

Really excited about my juice box!

And the best part? Fireworks!! But no classical music during the fireworks show? Missed opportunity, people.

~ Sarah

Link Love


Still nursing your holiday hangover? Hopefully these links can help you through the first Monday of the year.

An oldie but a goodie: the lead singer of Dion and the Belmonts returns to the Bronx to tell his story, from The New York Times.

Fan favorite Jason Taylor retired this weekend, and even though I’m not a Miami Dolphins fan, he’s a stand up guy. I loved this piece on him from The Miami Herald.

The Refinery 29 guide to Miami. It all sound so glamorous, not that I’ve explored even one thing on the list.

This is kind of cool: Florida recently abolished its smallest city, Islandia. I hadn’t even heard of it before.

Here are some great tips on mixing patterns from a Clothed Much contributor.

Laughing With Broken Eyes recently had a series, One Week to Better Blogging. Click the link to read all the posts – great tips even if you’ve been blogging for awhile!

From CF, ten great DIY ideas – adding some of these to my to-do list.

Still looking for a calendar for the new year? The Huffington Post has some great (read: free and downloadable) options.

Which links are loving this week?

~ Sarah

Ahora Amo


finally coming home! ♡ seeing palm trees EVERYWHERE ♡ being able to see the horizon again ♡ Chili’s ♡ late-night texts ♡ night games at Joe Robbie ♡ over-priced concession stand food ♡ Beatles tribute bands ♡ the real Beatles too ♡ French fries ♡ girls’ night out ♡ Disney karoke ♡ trips to Publix ♡ pretzel M&Ms  ♡ glossy magazines ♡ impulse purchases in the check-out line ♡ lazy days at the beach ♡ playing in the waves for hours, and falling over like a little kid ♡ finding my mom’s vintage Ray-Bans after I lost them in the ocean (crisis averted) ♡ leftovers ♡ missing New York for the first time ♡ wanderlust ♡ already reading the same number of books I read last summer (1) ♡ listening to the radio in the car ♡


♡ not getting tired of hearing Adele on the radio ♡ my guy friends admitting that yes, “Rolling in the Deep” is a good song ♡ seeing my dogs ♡ playing dress up ♡ new wedges ♡ not having to do my own cooking ♡ FOOD, but especially rice and beans ♡ catching up with girlfriends ♡ having cable again ♡ watching Heat games in Miami ♡ ignoring ESPN after said Heat games even though I’m glad to have the channel again ♡ borrowing my brother’s nice camera ♡ my own set of apartment keys ♡ shopping malls ♡ passion fruit lemonade at Starbucks ♡ pink cake pops (also at Starbucks) ♡ my new haircut ♡ lining up guest bloggers for next week ♡ OMG guys, I’m going to Colombia! ♡ having so much to be thankful for ♡

— Sarah