Link Love

We finally made it to the weekend!! And now, some links…

Looking to add to your reading list? Popsugar has a list of Latin American books to read.

Always helpful: easy things you can do to help the environment. (See my favorite eco-friendly products here.)

Somewhat related: adopting minimalist strategies to your closet…when you’re not a minimalist.

A brief history of female assassins in film.

This was fun: the decades-long Gilmore Girls friendship you didn’t know about. Any guesses?

Lately: May 2016

June already?! This is going to be a busy month, but I’m excited to see new places, catch up with old friends, and be a bridesmaid to one of my childhood friends! But first, a little May recap…

♦ Doing: Too much shopping. It’s too easy to justify!
♦ Drinking: Lots of ice water to stay cool!
♦ Eating: S’mores Oreos.
♦ Loving: That it finally warmed up!
♦ Hating: That my jeans feel tight (see above).
♦ Listening: To Revival, still, but mostly because I’m going to see Selena Gomez in concert Saturday!!
♦ Reading: Good Housekeeping.
♦ Wanting: Some NYX liquid lipsticks. Priya tweeted me some recommendations, so I’m hoping I can find them at Target.
♦ Watching: The Nice Guys, with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Go see it! It’s such a fun throwback movie, and that action scenes are surprisingly good.
♦ Wearing: My favorite blue and white blouse. It’s a couple years old and still hasn’t made it to the blog!
♦ Wishing: I didn’t have student loans. Also, that I had brownies.

~ Sarah

P.S. I published my first blog post SIX years ago today!! I can’t believe I’m still doing this…definitely the longest I’ve ever stuck with a hobby, and it’s crazy to see how much my blog — and the blogging community — have changed in this time. Thank you for all the kind words, comments, tweets, etc. over the years! 💖

Link Love


In honor of Women’s History Month, learn about these Latinas who conquered Old Hollywood.

After reading about the making of Crossroads, I totally had to watch the movie for the first time — so much great ’90s stuff!

Another great movie from that era? Bring It On.

From Popsugar, how to deal with dark spots. (Apparently Latinas are prone to them, boo!)

Rent the Runway now has an unlimited option. Totally not a fit for my lifestyle, but I can see the appeal.

I’ve been an Elisa Benson fan girl for a long time (she’s the social director at Cosmo and Seventeen) I loved this interview with her by Her Campus.

Too good: the day that blew up the Internet, a retrospective. (One word: llamas.)

Important news for my fellow Philadelphians: a French fry bar is opening in Rittenhouse.

~ Sarah