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link love

Hello, September! Catch up on some reading and enjoy your Labor Day (or plain ol’ Monday!):

The meaning behind some emoji may surprise you.

Have you noticed all the tech companies with animal logos? Adorable.

Is TJ Maxx is the best retail store?

What does it tell wavy- and curly-haired girls when celebs don’t put down the straightening iron?

Five songs that probably inspired “Shake It Off.” (Yes, I have it on repeat but haters are gonna hate, hate, hate.)

Revisiting the beautiful sites of Anne of Green Gables (one of my favorite novels).

Is being Pop-Up City bad for Philadelphia?

Any good reads to share?

~ Sarah

Link Love

link love

Digital Media

A super-helpful guide to creating text overlays on Photoshop (putting it into practice above!).

This guy is fighting back against click bait headlines.


Whatever happened to summer blockbuster season?

Some fun trivia: things you didn’t know about Disney princesses.

A very cool roundup of Harry Potter tattoos.

World Cup

The World Cup final is this afternoon, but I definitely wish this guy was still playing.

For some giggles: an illustrated guide to the World Cup fans you’ve dealt with this past month.

Also, I’m going to miss the hashflags on Twitter.


Link Love

Happy Monday! Enjoy these reads to start your week!

The World Cup starts this month, and while many (myself included) are looking forward to the soccer matches, the social impact — which is summed up in this one image — should not be ignored.

I don’t watch Girls, but I do love what one of the actresses had to say about how women define success.

Recently discovered: how to be a grown-up in 10 easy steps. Too many of these ring true! (Thanks for the link, Darci!)

I’m actually really liking the kimono jacket trend (not to be confused with those from Japan) and Gurl has 20 kimono  styling tips if you’re looking for inspiration!

Love this: what one blogger learned from posting outfit pictures for a decade.

Statigram recently rebranded itself as Iconosquare, but still includes lots of nifty ways to track your Instagram stats.

Any good reads to share?

~ Sarah