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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy this week’s Link Love! (And remember you can check out past installments here.)


Why did I not know about this website before?!? FreeDocumentaries.Org lets you stream documentaries right to your computer. It’s free and legal. I can’t even explain how excited I am- I never get to watch documentaries.

100 Awesome Things About America. Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

A rundown of thrifting: do’s and don’ts.

Why the World Cup is sports at its best.

I was going to write another World Cup recap, but this post just summarizes the quarterfinals and the semifinals perfectly. It’s going to be intense. Who are you guys rooting for?

Video Love

Because I’m a sucker for retro, pin-up style. Especially when paired with a catchy pop tune. Thanks, B.

… Have I mentioned I love all things retro?

This weekend, Spike TV had a Star Wars marathon. Below are two of my favorite scenes between Princess Leia and Han Solo. Harrison Ford is B.A. I LOVE Star Wars.

Which links did you love this week?

~ Sarah

Link Love

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! Enjoy this week’s Link Love!

Did you notice all the Pixar references when you saw Toy Story 3? Slash Film has a thorough breakdown of the movie’s easter eggs.

The blog Stuff No One Told Me features adorable cartoons that teach unpretentious life lessons.

Feeling useless this summer? Turn it around with this guide on having a productive summer.

Don’t lie: you know you know someone who has one these cliché college posters.

From More Magic Always, a reflection on fairy tales and escapism.

A shipwreck dating back to the nineteenth century was found in Lake Michigan! Am I the only one who thinks that’s really cool?

Video Love

I’m going to be positive about the America’s run in the World Cup. You should too: relive the moment you watched the U.S. beat Algeria. I dare you not to get chills. 

I’m moderately obsessed with this video and the sunny music of She & Him. Zooey Deschanel’s organic voice is a refreshing part of today’s music scene. (Side note: she looks more like Alexis Bledel than ever.)

Happy Birthday to my friend Katie! She had a Taylor Swift-themed birthday, so what better way to celebrate than by posting my favorite T-Swizzle video?

Which links did you love this week?

~ Sarah

Link Love

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend! Enjoy this week’s Link Love! And happy first day of Summer.

Already getting tired of summer? College Fashion offers 25 cheap boredom busters.

Is Buzz Lightyear one of the Top 10 Movie Sidekicks?

Kids says the darndest things, Justin Bieber included.

For some reason I don’t watch Mad Men, but I still think it’s awesome you can Mad Men Yourself.

Mad Men Me

Video Love

If only all World Cup highlights were done in Lego. Go Team USA!

After all this talk about Toy Story and Pixar, watch Luxo, Jr. It’s the first short film Pixar made as an independent studio, all the way back in 1986.

The next movie I have to see is Solitary Man. Not only am I sucker for these types of movies, but the cast is great. (And Jenna Fischer is in a dramatic role!) Plus, it was filmed at my college campus last summer- Fordham represent!

I thought this image from the oil spill is both heartbreaking and shocking. The cast of Glee has given the EDF the rights to use their cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to raise awareness about the struggles in the Gulf. 

To end on a lighter note, here’s the video for Leona Lewis’ song “Happy”. She’s such a talent.

Which links did you love this week?

~ Sarah