Southern Gentleman

Right now I’m sitting in my favorite class, Early American Republic, trying to focus on a lecture on States’ Rights and the conflict between President Andrew Jackson and his first Vice-President John C. Calhoun. While I certainly don’t agree with him, Calhoun’s antebellum Southern-style politics are fascinating. And yet the only thing I’m really pondering right now is how Calhoun went from stud:


to this:

… And as I’m drafting this, my professor just brought this up! In my professor’s words, he went from Tom Cruise to Doc in Back to the Future. Crazy, huh?

~ Sarah

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From Time magazine, 10 Things You Should Know About Christopher Columbus, aka the reason I’m off from classes today.

The AP recently posted the 5 most generic rom-com titles. Personally, I think putting together a list of the 5 most original romantic comedy titles would’ve been more of a challenge.

Esquire magazines provides legitimate, realistic advice on how to show your love.

25 odd college courses: I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind enrolling in some of these!

As if I need another reason to love Johnny Depp.

Video Love

Speaking of Mr. Depp, he resembles a homeless person in his latest movie, The Tourist. It’s okay, because it’s Johnny Depp. The movie looks entertaining, but unfortunately Angelina Jolie is part of the package. (I actually have never seen one of her movies, so this will be my first.)

John Lennon’s 70th birthday would have been this past Saturday. Watch Google’s tribute to the Beatle. Happy Birthday, John.

I’m more of a Coca-Cola gal, but I still enjoy this Pepsi “My Generation” spot.

My awesome friend Isabela directed a new video, “Being”, a recreation of her first animation, “Eraser Critters”. It’s Isabela’s entry for the SCAD Film Challenge, so definitely check it out!

Which links are you loving this week?

~ Sarah

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Hey everyone! I know I’ve been really inconsistent this past month, but that’s just how college is sometimes. I do have posts lined up for this week, so stick around- there’s good stuff coming up, promise! Plus, I finally bought myself a new memory card so my camera is back in action. Things are looking up 🙂 Enjoy this week’s Link Love! ♥


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From my campus paper The Ram, an overview on the 3-D trend in Hollywood. Personally, I was over it before Avatar even came out.

In honor of the opening of Easy A (which I really, really want to see!) here are some life lessons from high school movies.

College Fashion recently completed it’s series on fashion inspired by one of my guilty pleasures, Pretty Little Liars. You can see the all the style posts here. (P.S. Is anyone else hooked like me? I can’t wait until the show comes back in January!)

Also from College Fashion, how to be spirited and stylish at football games! How do you girls, do it?

A great guide on how to transition from summer to fall, fashion-wise. Perfect during for this weird weather we’re having up in the city.

History + Facebook = Hilarity.

Video Love

So when I interned this summer I had the chance to appear in a campaign ad for my candidate, Kendrick Meek. It was finally released a few weeks ago. Brownie points to those readers who can spot me!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m pretty sure that every girl out there can relate to Kate Nash’s honest lyrics. Check out her quirky video for “Kiss That Grrrl” As some of you may know, Kate Nash had a YouTube competition asking fans to create their own video inspired by “Kiss That Grrrl”. You can see my friend Isabela‘s winning entry here.

Florence + The Machine’s performance was probably the one good thing about the VMAs. The song “Dogs Days Are Over” has been stuck in my head since the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love came out.

Yet another promising movie adaptation of a book I haven’t read. I’m such a slacker.

Have you guys read the reviews for The Social Network?? It appears as if this fictionalized account of the start of Facebook may be the movie of our generation. I’m not sure if I buy into that yet, but if you see this movie, please tell me how it is!

And finally just for kicks, here’s a spoof trailer on a Twitter movie.

Which links are you loving this weekend?

~ Sarah