Trailer Tuesday: Cesar Chavez

Biopics are always a tricky thing, but they appeal to the history- and story-lover in me. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know very much about Cesar Chavez’s legacy — I don’t think his civil rights work was ever mentioned in one of my classes until my women’s history course junior year of college, and even then it was brief. Anyway, two reasons to be excited about Cesar Chavez: 1) Diego Luna’s directorial debut and 2) Michael Peña is one of the most recognizable Latino character actors out there, so props to both of them.

Anyone else planning on seeing Cesar Chavez?

~ Sarah

Trailer Tuesday: Grace of Monaco

Since this blog is primarily supposed to be about fashion and pop culture, well, I figured I should be doing some more talking about pop culture, huh? So now every week I’ll be sharing a movie trailer — whether it’s new in theaters, a coming attraction or even an old classic you may have missed, it’ll be something worth checking out!

Intense right? Depending on the reviews once this Oscar-bait-y movie comes out, I may or may not see it in theaters — but it’ll definitely be on my list. For some reason, the casting of Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly has been controversial, and I don’t really get it. She’s a fine actress and she looks the part, though I’m sure other actresses like Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron would also do a great job and bring their own touch to the role. Also, can we talk about how underrated Grace Kelly is in pop culture today? Not that I have anything against Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, but Grace was pretty awesome too. If you don’t believe me, rewatch Rear Window (and I really hope it’s a rewatch).

Anyone else looking forward to Grace of Monaco?

~ Sarah

The Hidden City

The past two weekends I have done my best to scope out potential Philadelphia friends by volunteering at The Hidden City Festival. It’s not a traditional festival by any means, but over the course of several weekends, history and art nerds have a chance to see new exhibits and installations in historical sites off the beaten path. (Because there are only so many times you want to see the Liberty Bell.)

The site I volunteered at Sunday was incredible. The space was Global Dye Works, a former yarn-dying factory that opened in 1865. Granted that’s relatively young for Philly, but still, 1865. The installations were housed in the old boiler room, and while they were interesting and quirky, the factory floor just felt like a movie set. So cool.

I definitely missed out by not having my DSLR, but I was still able to capture a few cool shots with my phone. I love Instagram, I feel like since I started using it over a year ago I’ve gotten more creative with my photography (and not just through filters). I just pay a lot more attention to detail now I think.

The exhibit also got me started on some of the other things I want to see in Philly this summer (Welcome America is a given). So of course, I made a list to keep track:

Did I miss anything, Philly readers? Any fun festivals near you?

~ Sarah