May The Fourth


Happy Star Wars Day, fellow nerds! When I found this Darth Vader boys’ tee at Target (and on sale), I knew it’d be perfect for May the 4th, better known as Star Wars Day across the fandom. The problem? Well, I’m no longer in college so I had to find a way to make this work for the office (and not on a casual Friday).

The solution? Throw a blazer on it.


I love this blazer. It’s not too stodgy, and it fits pretty well. I’m about average height, but my torso is proportionally shorter, so petite tops hit me in all the right places. I couldn’t find my black flared skirt (laundry baskets — they’re everywhere) so I ended up wearing a skater dress instead. The key is tucking your top into a skinny belt, as seen here. Pointed toe flats add a little more polish.


Anyone else celebrating? We had Star Wars mac and cheese with hot dogs for dinner, and now I get to clean my room while watching Episode IV on DVD (which I got for Christmas). In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the trailer for Episode VII.

~ Sarah

Shirt: Target (boys’ section, similar)
Dress (as a skirt): Penny Chic (similar skirt, similar dress)
Blazer: Kohl’s (similar)
Flats: Old Navy (similar)

It’s All About Benjamin


Tee – c/o Aphillyated; Skirt – Body Central (similar); Glitter Sneakers – Old Navy (girls’ section, exact).


Why yes, that is Benjamin Franklin rocking out to a boombox on my shirt, another fine creation from the kind folks at Aphillyated. I’ve never seen a city obsessed with a historic figure quite like Philadelphia is enamored with Ben Franklin (and I’ve been to D.C. and Boston several times). Poor William Penn just keeps watch over the city he founded from City Hall, but he’s not adorning t-shirts or our currency.


Also, compliments to Aphillyated for making such great tees (I’ve already shared my Cheesesteak tee) — the prints are fun, the weight of the cotton is perfect and the sleeves are the proper length for a t-shirt (not the dreaded cap sleeve). Any chance you guys want to get in the business of the perfect white t-shirt?


I’m also equally obsessed with my new skater skirt. I suppose eventually I’ll invest in a more appropriate a-line version, but for now it’s a fun option for running errands in the neighborhood or — paired with this tee, sneakers and a denim jacket — for a casual bar night. It’s also a good reminder that my arms are disproportionately short since somehow this skater skirt passes the fingertip test.

How do you style quirky tees? I’m always looking for more ideas!

~ Sarah

Springtime and Water Ice

Cardigan – Target (ages ago, similar); Tee – c/o Aphillyated; Necklace – Avon (like back in high school, similar); Jeans – Ross (similar); Flats – Old Navy (similar).

Hope everyone had a great first day of spring! I don’t even like spring generally, but you can bet I was counting down this year! It was definitely chillier than I would’ve liked, but I got away with flats (and a peacoat!) so I’ll take what I can get.

Yesterday also marked another Philly milestone: my first time standing in line for free Rita’s! I even call it “water ice” instead of “Italian ice” — not quite at the point of saying “wooder ice” with a Philadelphia accent though.

That being said, how fun is this graphic tee from Aphillyated? I’ve actually ordered gifts from Aphillyated — a local apparel company  that features a Philadelphia flair in all their products — before, but this is the first piece of their clothing I actually own. (I’m currently lusting after this LOVE v-neck!)

This shirt basically features a meme I’ve seen all sorts of tees, but with Phamous Philly Phoods (sorry, had to). (Sidebar: Is it wrong if I don’t get the hype with the soft pretzels here though?) I’m excited to style it differently if when the weather warms up, so I opted for a colorful cardigan and matching necklace this time around.

How did you celebrate the first day of spring?

~ Sarah