DNC Tees Under $25

Whoops, it’s  accidentally been a quiet month around here…it’s honestly been too hot to touch my computer after work, and I’ve been watching nonstop convention coverage. In case you’ve missed it on the news this week, my fair adopted city has been hosting the Democratic National Convention. I haven’t been in thick of it, but it’s exciting to see the press and delegates enjoy their visits here — especially after we hosted the Pope last year!

There’s been lots of cool events town with the DNC here, and the city seems to have a good relationship with the DNC. One of the more fashionable things that have come out of this partnership? These neat graphic tees designed by local artists.

DNC 2016 Graphic Tees Under $25

Shop: Duke & Winston Donkey Kick | Lisabeth Webers See Eat Vote | Duke & Winston Liberty Bell

My love for graphic tees is well-documented — I think they make awesome mementos! I haven’t bought one from the DNC just yet, but these are the final contenders. They’re quirky and support small businesses, plus they’re under $25 and made in America.

Any favorites? Have you been following the conventions?

~ Sarah

Graphic Tee Time #4: Boombox Ben

Aphillyated tee and skirt

Hello hello, and welcome to our conclusion of Graphic Tee Time! I’ve always had a soft spot for graphic tees, but working on this collaboration with Priya has really reminded how perfect they can be for spring and its topsy-turvy weather. There are just so many styling options. I kind of want to buy even more now! (I really shouldn’t though.)

I decided what better way to wrap this month up than with one of my old favorites, this Ben Franklin tee from Aphillyated. Like last week, I paired my tee with a printed skirt (those are some tiny polka dots). Since it’s gotten chilly again in Philly, I added a black cardigan (it almost looks like a bolero in the picture, but I promise it’s a long cardigan). This feels like my girliest outfit of the series, which is funny because the tee is so funky.

Aphillyated Benjamin Franklin tee

Seriously though, graphics tees are awesome. So versatile, and a great way to show off your interests and personality! All of these outfits could not be more different. (Okay, except for my shoes. And maybe my poses.) Also: I need details on Priya’s last look ASAP.


Anyway, enough about us! Priya and I are so excited to see the creative outfits you guys link up. Here’s how it works:

  • Follow Priya and me on the medium of your choice (Priya’s InstaTwitter, my Insta & Twitter)… or not, whatever!
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Teapot graphic by Taylor

  • Link up below! (We’re big fans of the keeping it simple school of thought.)
  • Use #GraphicTeeTime on social media because we’re also big on alliteration.

No rush, since we’ll keep the collection open for a couple weeks. Anything recent-ish and graphic tee-y is a go! Can’t wait to see all of the cool tees!

~ Sarah

Tee: c/o Aphillyated
Skirt: Walmart dress altered to be skirt (similar)
Flats: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy (similar)
Earpins: Eardivine

Graphic Tee Time #3: Ram Fan

Graphic Tee Time #3 Fordham

Something about the spring makes totally nostalgic for college. It’s a weird time of endings and beginnings, and some of my best memories at Fordham took place around this time of year. Hard to believe that I graduated almost three years ago! Guess it’s a good thing I hoarded so many college tees during my time on campus.

Graphic Tee Time #3 Fordham

Actually, this time around, I picked the skirt first. It’s swingy, has pockets, and is great for tucking in tees. The Madras plaid has a few different colors, so it goes with a lot of different tops (as seen here). No surprise that my maroon tee was a nearly perfect match. It’s fun to mix up graphic tees with printed pieces. I added ankle boots because it’s still pretty cool in the mornings and early evenings.

Graphic Tee Time #3 Fordham

Side note: I’m still obsessed with my hair. I used this HC tutorial for my side braid.

Graphic Tee Time #3 Fordham

Since the print makes such a statement, I kept the accessories minimal — just my class ring! School pride never goes out of style, right? 😉

Anyway, next Thursday is the day!! Don’t forget to link up with Priya and me to show off your cool graphic tees and even cooler outfits! A quick roundup of our looks, in case you still need some inspiration…

Graphic Tee Time Roundup 1

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Sarah #1 | Sarah #2

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Teapot graphic by Taylor

See you all next Thursday!

~ Sarah

Tee: Fordham orientation (~2009)
Skirt: Target (~2006, similar shape)
Boots: Kohl’s (similar on sale)