ClassPass, Or How I Learned To Love Group Exercise Classes

classpass philly

This is not a sponsored post, but I received a complimentary month to ClassPass. All opinions are my own, because who else’s would they be?

The title of this post is not an April Fools’ joke.

Now let’s take a step back. If there is one thing that becomes clear once you meet me in person, it’s that I am uncoordinated. Immensely. I constantly run into things and generally look like a fool. (Even Zamboni has picked up my habit of accidentally hitting his head on walls; it’s almost impressive.) I am not cool.

And because of my lack of coordination (and ok, a general lack confidence about it as well), I have always hated group exercise classes. I’ve always felt all eyes were on my inept foolishness (the spotlight effect, to borrow a term for my AP Psych days). Exercise rooms with mirrored walls gave me anxiety, since I couldn’t hide in the back like I wanted too. Zumba especially was the worst.

So when ClassPass — a monthly subscription service that gives its members access to the best boutique fitness classes in their city — launched in Philly and reached out to me about a complimentary one-month membership, I surprised myself by saying yes.

It goes back to one of my resolutions this year: to push myself. ClassPass gave me the opportunity to not just get over my fear of group exercise, but also gave me a chance to try new fitness options I hadn’t even considered before!

(And ok, yes, getting in better shape for my best friend’s wedding was yet another motivation.)

ClassPass is essentially a gym membership with a twist. For a $79 monthly fee, you can sign up for an unlimited number of studios, for up to three times each monthly session. Let’s just say it’s hard to get bored. During my ClassPass trial, I only tried three different studios, but I went to each several times.

Body Cycle (Rittenhouse, 1923 Chestnut St.) Body Cycle is an indoor cycling studio. I loved the instructors’ high energy, the fun dance music, and the dimmed lights (the better to not avoid myself). You don’t need special cycling shoes, but I do recommend bringing a towel and water!

Sculpere (Northern Liberties, 209 Poplar St.) Sculpere was my biggest jump, but I think it was my favorite workout! It’s an intimate (like less than 10 people) yoga/dance studio, and I do, um, neither. Their Yoga Sculpt class (sort of like yoga cardio) was an amazing way to start my Saturday mornings, even if I had trouble going up the stairs because I was so sore the next day!

RowZone (Rittenhouse, 1717 Chestnut St.) RowZone combines rowing (so you can get your inner Underwood on when you use the erg) and toning exercises, sometimes even incorporating weights or circuits. Each instructor does his or her own thing, which keeps things interesting.

Working out consistently was a jolt in my routine, but it didn’t take long for me to see a change in my energy levels (as in it went up, which was a great boost during the winter). I also saw an improvement in my fitness and stamina over the course, which was just a few weeks. (I can also say my bridesmaid dress fit better by the end of it, but five days in Florida changed that.)

I ended up not renewing my ClassPass for logistical reasons (my long work commute and the lack of options by my home in Northeast Philadelphia), but I really miss it some days. The variety in classes did wonders for my fitness routine. Honestly, I didn’t even have a fitness routine before ClassPass!

If ClassPass is in your city (and it is always adding new cities and new studios!), I highly encourage you to try it, regardless of your fitness level or exercise experience! Like I said, I wasn’t working out regularly before ClassPass, but I generally found the class instructors to be very accommodating of my newbie status. ClassPass also offers a great Flex option if you travel a lot, and you can also put your membership on hold for a small fee. There’s no contract (I guess millennials aren’t about that life), there’s no reason not to try ClassPass if it’s available!

Has anyone else tried ClassPass yet?

~ Sarah