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Some reading to start your weekend…

Enjoy your Labor Day/four-day work week? The holiday is a good reminder of what Americans haven’t mastered: taking time off. [via Huff Post]

From Time, a look at a new American Dream: moving away from the suburbs.

Just in time for back-to-school: colleges made for Instagram. Hint: my alma mater makes the list. [via Buzzfeed]

More good information for students: those highly-recommended study methods may not be so effective after all. [via The Washington Post]

Two must-reads from the Poynter Institute on women and journalism: first, The New York Times is lacking when it comes to using female sources in news stories, while two journalists founded a magazine to highlight longform journalism produced by women.

From The Frisky, just a friendly reminder that those before/after fitness pictures you see on Pinterest aren’t exactly the real deal.

I’m sure you’re over the whole Miley Cyrus-VMA debacle, but Kate from Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra has a great post on why MTV needs to step it up.

Any good reads I should catch up on?

~ Sarah

P.S. I had a great time meeting some fellow Philly bloggers at the Philly Blog Love happy hour this week! Check some of the fab bloggers: Trend Hungry | Streets & Stripes | Her Philly | Shen Dove Style | Jessica Lawlor: Get Gutsy

Link Love

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One of those sweet, nostalgic stories no one tells anymore: a wallet is found in New York City after being lost for forty years.

From the Sun-timesa breakdown of some of The Social Network‘s best scenes. If you’re a movie buff, you don’t have to like the movie to find this fascinating.

From Cracked: secrets as to why Hollywood movies suck.

Cute and affordable must-haves for spring!

A (male) lawyer argues why women are better at almost everything than men. Makes sense to me!

From Elle, 25 things every women should know.

This is hilarious (at least to me) – college as told by stock photos.

And finally, a freshmen dorm at Fordham put together this crazy lip-dub to Cee-Lo’s “Forget You (FU)”. You can watch the video on Vimeo here.

Which links are you loving this week? And enjoy your week, everyone!

~ Sarah

P.S. See, I can talk about something other than the Oscars!

Link Love


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I haven’t done a Link Love post in a few weeks, but it’s just what I need right now. I can tell it’s going to be a long week, and Monday isn’t even over! Ease the suffering with some fresh links from around the web.

Need inspiration and motivation? Start with this list of ten empowering women.

I know January is almost over, but here are some tips on how to keep your resolutions if you’re starting to struggle.

Speaking of resolutions, I know a lot of bloggers want to post more often in 2011, so here are some tips on how to get back into blogging.

Chelsea from OU Daily Fashion breaks down the curious case of fashion blogger Tavi, and provides great insight into what happens when fame comes at such a young age.

Do we have short attention spans when it comes to our technology?

And finally, a breakdown of some of the movies hitting this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Which ones do you want to see in theaters?

Which links are you loving this week?

~ Sarah