Spring Outfit Ideas

The weather in Philadelphia continues to be spastic: one day I’m wearing long sleeves and my winter jacket, and the next it’s too warm for my jeans. Getting dressed has been an adventure, and I was running low on inspiration. On the bright side, that’s why I read blogs. Here are some spring outfit ideas from my favorite bloggers:

via Priya the blog

Priya rocks colors like nobody’s business (have you seen her new site?!), but she works neutrals too. I have all of these pieces: little white dress, beige cardigan, black clogs, beaded necklace. Have I thought of pairing them together before? Nope.

via Nicole at Writes Like A Girl

I love my denim vest, but I usually cop out and just wear it with a dress. Nicole has a better idea: A simple tank and a print skirt has the same vibe, but a touch more creativity. Also, pendant necklaces are my favorite.

via Kimi at Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Dark florals and ankle boots may give off a fall vibe, but Kimi proves that a simple white tee can really brighten things up. Also, I love wearing ankle boots into spring because who has time for a pedicure? (Answer: not me.)

You can find my spring outfits and posts here. Also, if you have any spring outfit ideas or accessible fashion blogger recommendations, send them my way! I’m always looking for new reads. Happy weekend!

~ Sarah


Hello Again

Striped Top and Button Front Skirt | Shades of Sarah 2017 has been off to a bit of a crazy start, weather included. January was cold and gray but dry, and February was almost spring-like! Which is fine with me: I don’t get winter dressing. I tend to just want to be warm and comfortable. This is also means I default to a lot of black, as has been a subject of discussion. At least I got out of my leggings/jeans comfort zone for once?

Striped Top and Button Front Skirt | Shades of SarahIs it just me, or do the corduroy skirt and striped tee together have a vintage vibe? (The photos Chrystina took help! I feel like I was in London, not Center City.) To keep the outfit feeling like me, I added a beaded teal necklace and a bright lip. I almost always have a pop of color. Now with spring around the corner, maybe I’ll even dial it up a bit.

Button Front Skirt | Shades of SarahAnyone  have fun spring plans? I have a few here and there, but I’m mostly excited for warmer weather! I’ll have to try and style this button front skirt for spring. I think a graphic tee would really change up the vibe, even though corduroy is definitely a fall/winter fabric. We’re supposed to getting a dusting of snow this week though, so winter will be poking its head around for a bit longer!

~ Sarah

Top: Primark
Skirt: c/o Tobi
Ankle Boots: Kohl’s (similar)
Necklace: Burlington (similar)

Indian Summer

Indian summer

  • n. a stretch of sunny and warm days during late autumn

Also known as my favorite time of year. It looks like fall but feels like late spring, what could be better? It’s also usually my last chance to bare my legs and play with light layers before autumn really hits.

Silk Scarf, Utility Jacket, LBD | Shades of Sarah

A little black dress + utility jacket + print silk scarf is nothing new, but it’s a classic for a reason. (See Katie rocking this outfit formula earlier this year here.) I especially like that my jacket brings out the green in my printed scarf. The scarf and lace cap sleeves are pretty girl, but the jacket and the neutral colors keep it grounded. And the clogs are just typical me at this point!

Silk Scarf, Utility Jacket, LBD | Shades of Sarah
Actually, Philly, we can probably dial down the humidity now.

Anyone else still stretching their summer wardrobe? It’s November in a few hours, so I’ll probably have to switch exclusively to tights and jeans. The clogs and falling leaves can stick around, for now.

~ Sarah

P.S. Much thanks to Julia for the lovely photos!! Get in touch with her if you need a photographer in Philly!

Dress: Walmart (similar silhouette)
Utility Jacket: Forever 21
Scarf: Anne Klein, thrifted (cool print under $25!)
Clogs: Old Navy
Tote: Nordstrom (reversible!)