Symposium Style

Dress – LOFT (borrowed); Pumps – Payless.

Fashion blogging. It all seems really shallow and narcissistic sometimes, doesn’t it? Well, it can be, but it can also be the subject of academic research. I was surprised myself, but it turns out there’s a lot of academic work out there on social media. And a couple weeks ago I actually presented a paper on fashion blogging at Fordham’s research symposium:

I was super nervous to present after working on my project for so long, and I knew the occasion called for something fashionable, professional and comfortable. (After all, who would trust me as a source on fashion blogging if I dressed all corporate?)

I ended borrowing my friend Nancy’s dress, which I actually wore when I presented my thesis last fall (the presentation was less successful). On top of fitting the above requirements, the dress is also flattering and has some lacy for interest. Thanks again, Nancy!

My roommate Jillian also presented at the Symposium. Twice!
My faculty mentor Dr. Marwick.

Oh, and I also added some color with this awesome barrette my friend Juliane brought me from Paris:

And nothing makes a dressy dress awesome quite like being able to dress it down. I swapped my pumps for sandals and added a denim jacket for celebratory drinks afterwards with my roommate.

What do you wear to important presentations?

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks again to Callie, Danielle, and Michelle for letting them interview me for my paper!

Channeling Cher

Blazer – Paul & Joe for Target (thrifted); Dress & Boots – Target.

This dress was made for blazers. (See here for an example.) Well, actually it was made for kids, but you have to get creative when you go shopping. I’ve wanted to wear this outfit for a while, and now that it warmed up for a day, I had a chance.

Sunglasses – Walgreens, cause I’m cheap and classy.

This yellow wool blazer suits itself to being paired with gray (like here) — I don’t know why. Maybe the yellow is too striking against white? I’d say I try it, but there’s a very limited amount of time one can wear a wool blazer as an outer layer. Nonetheless, I like the whimsical touch from the polka dots with this look.

I also didn’t realize it until I looked at myself in the mirror, but this outfit reminds me of a certain pop culture icon. Between the yellow and the shorter hemline and the middle part, Cher Horowitz from Clueless popped into my head. Sure, it’s not a full-on yellow plaid suit, but it’s something like a country twist on it, amiright?

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks for taking my pictures, Katie!

Decorating Daydreams

With graduation on the horizon, there’s two big things on my wishlist: a job and a big-city apartment. Looking at apartment listings (mostly studios) in Philadelphia has become one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. Of course, with an apartment comes decorating, and I love pinning organizing ideas on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites:

This coffee table was pinned from Etsy and is no longer available (so I can’t give proper credit!) but it actually looks pretty simple to DIY.


Another Etsy find that I can turn to a DIY with a magnetic cookie sheet and some fabric. This DIY cookie sheet tutorial from Mrs. Happy Homemaker also looks like a great alternative.


A cute way to add color to the sink area, and I could probably find a cute cakestand at a thrift store without having make my own.


Chances are I won’t have a mantel to decorate, but these painted frames and mason jars would look cute on a shelf or bookcase too.

Do you have any apartment tips? How is your own home (or dorm) decorated?

~ Sarah