Throwback Thursday: Graduation Rewind

Dress – Marshall’s (gift, shop similar, also similar); Hat – Target (shop similar).

There’s one thing not a lot of people tell you about senior year: it’s so much funWhether it’s high school or college, the fact is that the end of the year is full of events where you and your classmates are the center of attention. Even annual events are extra fun. And it’s all a good excuse to dress up.

I decided it was about time I shared what I wore for spring’s big events, starting with my tie-dye maxi (last seen here) for our spring weekend concert. Because is there a better time to wear head-to-toe tie-dye than a Grouplove concert? Also a good time to wear one of my favorite hats.

Dress – Princess Vera Wang (borrowed, shop similar); Clutch – unknown (gift, shop similar); Wedges – Payless (shop similar).

That same Saturday we had a Great Gatsby-themed dance. I had lots of dress issues, mainly because I was too cheap to buy a new one and didn’t want to look too costume-y. (The dance usually isn’t a costume party, but that’s what it kind of turned into this year.) At the last second I borrowed this dress from my roommate. I love the neon piping and the back. Another roommate did my hair and makeup. I got some pearls in with my bracelets.

Dress – Conway (shop similar colors; similar shape); Wedges – Payless (shop similar).

I wore this dress to an award ceremony and inadvertently ended up matching my friend Chris. I like the color-blocking trend but sometimes it takes too much effort. I’m glad I finally found a dress that does it for me on the cheap. Plus the colors are perfect for spring and fall.

Dress – Ross (shop similar, similar two); Clutch – Burlington Coat Factory (shop similar).

At Fordham, we’re lucky enough to have our own prom Senior Ball. I’m crazy, so I actually bought my dress two years ago when I was a sophomore. I couldn’t help it though, it was $16.99 at Ross, only needed minor alterations and was the perfect shade of blue in a classic silhouette. Now that’s a good investment.

I also opted for flat sandals (not pictured, but from the kids’ section at Payless) and used the same clutch I took to prom. Pretty sure I spent around $80 (and definitely less than $100) on the dress, shoes and clutch for prom and ball combined.  (You can see my prom dress on Instagram). I got a haircut each time, but did my own hair and makeup. So, to recap: I’m cheap.

 Dress – Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s (shop similartwothree ); Wedges – Payless (similar).

And finally, the outfit that was never fully captured: my graduation dress. Unlike my earlier graduation post, this time you get to see me in the glory of my cap and gown. I have two words of advice for graduation fashion: pockets and wedges. Just essential.

~ Sarah


It’s official. As of today at noon, I am done with college exams. No more college classes. I’m not quite a college graduate yet (that happens on Saturday!), but the academic chapter has closed.

Classes ended the first week of May and since then life has been a balance of writing final papers and thank you cards and soaking up what I can while I’m still a (temporary) New Yorker.

And of course, there’s no better way to capture that than through Instagram:

Grand Central after a day in Queens

A Fordham organization brought puppies to campus! Meet Heidi!

My last class ever got out an hour early…which means Happy Hour

We celebrated Nancy’s birthday at the Boat Basin

The food in Harlem though…

View of the GWB in Hudson Heights

Finals Week Flowers (courtesy of some campus event)

Arthur Ave. Forever

Posting may be sparse this week, but I’m sure I’ll have lots to share next week.

~ Sarah

Spring Mint

Scarf – Street Vendor; Tee – Target (hand-me-down); Jeans – Conway; Flats – Payless.

Happy May! Here’s hoping the nicer weather is here to stay — it’s truly been too long. Even the last couple weeks temperatures have been flip-flopping, and it actually cools down at night here (a lot). What is that nonsense? And will I ever learn how to layer?

Actually wearing earrings!

This is going to be quite the month. The main event? Graduation. Finally. It’s a very overwhelming thing looming ahead, but I’m very much excited to start the next chapter in my life. Actually, it’s more like starting the next book in a series. I can’t remember not being a student, save for summer vacation, so this will be a change. A welcome one, nonetheless.

Lots of people seem to be panicking, and I certainly have those moments, but the litany of end-of-the-year events are something to look forward to. There are so many dressy occasions. We have a senior prom! My wallet is less enthused.

Also, I finally got that leopard scarf I wanted. Thanks, Queens street fair. Exciting things are happening.

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks for the photos, Nancy!