March Budget

March 2016 BudgetGAP Factory Skimmer Jeans, $59.99 $21.60 (40% off jean sale, plus additional 40% off Friends & Family Sale)
GAP Factory Layered Crewneck Sweater (similar), $54.99 $11.99 (clearance, plus additional 40% off Friends & Family Sale)
Dear Mushka Home necklace, $32.00 + free shipping
NYX Microbrow pencil (in Brunette), $9.99

Total Spent: $75.58

Total Saved: $81.39 ($156.97 – $75.58)

Much better with my budget this month! I still don’t have an actual figure in mind, but I spent about $120/month (on average) in January and February. I also scored better deals this month, and only bought one item (the brow pencil, which was a backup after I misplaced my IT Cosmetics one) at full price. So overall, not bad. 👊

Not to mention, I absolutely love everything I purchased. The jeans? They make me feel great (though I could do without the feathering), and I wore them multiple times a week.  (They need a good vinegar soak though, because there’s still some dye rubbing off.) The sweater is surprisingly warm, and I love the visual interest the floral fabric adds. I’ve also been wearing my Florida necklace constantly. And yes, I’ve worn all of these together. Even the brow pencil, while I wish had a more tapered pencil, is a pretty good dupe, and I actually prefer the spoolie.

As for shopping in April? I really hope to not do much! Still have my eye on these ankle boots from Target, but I’m waiting for a good sale. I’ll also most likely at least browse the next Target collab to see if there’s anything really spectacular. I also would love to add a colorful saddle bag, but I’ll try to be responsible! Even after decluttering and a new organizing system, my drawers are filled to the brim. The lesson: just say no to more blue sweaters and graphic tees.

Speaking of graphic tees… Priya from perfectly Priya will be doing a fun graphic tee styling collaboration! We’re hoping that some of our favorite bloggers and readers will linkup with us the last week of April. Check back for our first outfits on Thursday!

~ Sarah

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January & February Budget

Image Map

Uniqlo down coat, $129.90 $99.90
Uniqlo denim leggings, $29.90 $24.90 (seen here, lighter wash pictured above)
Uniqlo Heattech leggings, $19.90*
Uniqlo Heattech tights, $14.90*
Fleece Lined Yoga Pants, $19.99
Target sandals, $19.99
Burt’s Bee’s Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands, $8.99
Acure Organics Face Wash, $9.99
S.W. Basics Eco Cotton Rounds, $22.49

Total Spent: $241.05

Total Saved: $35 ($276.05 – $241.05)

So it has been a long time since I put together one of these posts! My budget basically imploded by the end of the year, and it got too overwhelming to keep on top of things (probably a bad sign for my wallet and closet). One of my resolutions is to reset my budget and shopping habits, so I figure posting about my budget is a good a first step.

The early part of the year is always a weird time for me to shop. I realize that yes, it really is going to get/stay cold but at the same time I’m anxious for spring and a trip home to Florida (that explains the sandals — too fun!). All it takes is that first cold snap for me to realize that I really need to stock up on cold weather items. Winter was short-lived this year (thank goodness), but I think I’ll feel more prepared next time. Maybe 2017 will finally be the year I don’t buy a new coat. (I’m positive that this time I have all my bases covered, coat-wise.)

Before leaving for South Florida, I also stocked up on some beauty products at Target. I recently got a facial at Affordable Skincare Salon (go see Stephanie!), and was told that I had been using the wrong cleanser for my skin type (apparently I’m a combination/oily). I’m really enjoying this facial cleansing gel — it’s cruelty- and paraben-free, and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I also loved (and already lost) this nude lip crayon from Burt’s Bee’s — so good for spring. If it doesn’t turn up soon, I think I’ll have to restock.

I am really making an effort to cut back my shopping, but I’ll probably be making a couple additions in March. I need a pair of real, honest-to-goodness jeans (not jeggings) and am going to try some at a new GAP Factory by my house. Also a certain dog decided that my black suede ankle boots would make a great snack (last seen here), so I might pick up some boots if I find any on sale (I like these so far).

Anyone else struggle with their shopping to start the year?

~ Sarah

*Bought these items on sale but I’m not sure what the discounted price was, so using full price!

July Budget

July Shopping Budget
IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil, $24
H&M circle skirt, $15
Claire’s earrings, $5 (on sale, $13 full price)

Shopping Budget (for the rest of 2015!): $126
Total Spent: $44
Estimated Retail: $52
Total Saved: $8
Remaining Budget: $82 (LOL)

You guys, this could have been a shopping free month, considering that two out of three purchases were impulse buys. So yay?

I was hanging out in Center City before seeing some 4th of July fireworks, so I stopped by Ulta to kill some time. In the last year or so, I’ve gotten really into filling in my brows, but I was ready to try something new. I’m really liking this brow pencil so far, and it’s perfect for doing my makeup on the train (#sorrynotsorry). I hadn’t heard of IT Cosmetics before, but it’s cruelty-free and paraben-free, so I’ll probably try more things in the future.

The skirt was the other impulsive purchase, but I’ve already worn it twice, so it could’ve been worse. Still, this is what happens when you’re super comfortable in the outfit you picked out in the morning — you’ll spend your lunch break shopping. Tell me I’m not alone you guys.

As for the earring set I picked up from Claire’s (yes, that Claire’s), does anyone else hate wearing earrings in general? I went almost an entire year without wearing them ever when I was working customer service and I was excited to start wearing them again — but I forgot how sensitive my ears are. Still, it’s been engrained in me that wearing earrings is just the feminine thing to do. I decided to try these because they’re marked as a “sensitive solution” and go with everything. You guys: I love them. It feels like I’m not wearing any, and I haven’t experienced any irritation. I’m sorry to put away all my quirky and bohemian statement earrings, but this is the first time I haven’t been miserable wearing earrings. Total win.

Have you made any great shopping discoveries lately?

~ Sarah

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