June Budget

June 2016 Budget
Merona Saddle Bag, $29.99
NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks (in Tea & Cookies and Soft Spoken), $12.23 (buy 1, get 1 for 25% off)
Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans, $34.94 $22.50

Total Spent: $64.72
Total Saved: $14.91 ($78.91 – $64.72)

I like to think that I’m pretty good at keeping my purchases practical (or at least easy to justify to myself), but that was less the case this month. Oh well! I’m averaging less than $100 a month on clothing and beauty products this year, and my impulse purchases are fewer. If anything, I might be overthinking purchases, but that’s fine with me!

I’ve had my eyes on that green saddle bag for months. It’s definitely not something I needed, since I am the queen of crossbody purses, but most of mine are neutral (like here and here). It’s a fun (neutral-ish) pop of color to play with, and I’ve been using it a lot lately (it’s already made it to the blog). Not sorry for this purchase.

I also finally tried NYX liquid lipsticks this month, in Tea & Cookies and Soft Spoken. Tea Cookies is a little too pink for me while wet, but once dried, I really like it. Soft Spoken is closer to my real lip color, but I’m on a hunt to find Sandstorm in stock somewhere because I think it’s the perfect shade for me. Lip colors are so fussy sometimes, but I also feel like they’re necessary for me to look like I have lips…oh well!

As for July purchases… I’m really hoping to keep them limited. The good news is that by traveling over the holiday weekend, I was not tempted by $8 Old Navy dresses!

~ Sarah

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May Budget

May 2016 Budgeting Bloggers | Shades of Sarah
Forever 21 Hooded Utility Jacket (similar pictured), $42.90 $34.77 (10% off sale)
Duke & Winston Victory Brewing Tee, $32.00 $12.80 (50% off sale + extra 20% off)
Pixi Beauty Natural Brow Duo (in Deep Brunette), $16.00 $12.80 (20% off)
Pixi Beauty Summer Glow Palette, $28.00 $11.20 (50% off + extra 20% off)
Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Kit, $18.00 $14.40 (20% off)

Total Spent: $85.97
Total Saved:  $50.93 ($136.90 – $85.97)

So I thought I had done pretty decently this month until I realized I forgot to include my Pixi purchases! Oops. They got me good though, since I had some points that were expiring and it was their Friends and Family sale. I think I’ll review those purchases in a separate post if anyone is interested! (Not included in the above list is the Valentia clay mask that I received from BrandBacker, which you can read about here.)

As for my clothing purchases, the Victory Brewing Tee is a total novelty purchase and I don’t care. I’ve had my eyes on it for months, and then when I was ready to buy it was out of stock. Then D&W had another sale, with free shipping, and the tee was in stock so I did not hesitate. It’s still in the mail, but I think I’m going to love it.

I’ve needed a hooded jacket since I outgrew my old one (seen here), but had only purchased another cargo jacket. While it’s a great casual piece to alternate with my denim jacket, it was useless during all the rain we’ve had in May. Since we’re planning a trip to Seattle this summer (!!), I figured it was about time to restock. I’m really happy with it, but I’m definitely glad the rain has calmed down!

Anyone else have a mix of fun and practical purchases this month?

~ Sarah

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April Budget

Wooden geometric necklace | Budgeting Bloggers | Shades of Sarah

Wooden Geometric Necklace, $45.00
Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller (not pictured), $11.00

Total Spent: $56.00

I’m just going to say it: I am so proud of myself! So actually, my new necklace was paid for in March, but arrived in April (thanks again, Katrina!) which means I’m pretty officially on a clothing/accessories shopping ban! It’s been easier than I expected, and I’m hoping to keep it up as long as possible (got to save that cash money!). Granted, I have jeans hanging on by a thread though, so we will see.

On to the fun stuff! My necklace (seen here) is the perfect casual statement piece. The colors go with everything, and it’s not too dressy, so it is the perfect late-morning addition to an otherwise plain outfit. It’s a more grown-up version of an old wooden necklace I had that my dogs chewed up (jerks), and it’s been worth every penny so far — especially since I got to pick the colors myself.

I don’t plan on cutting back on my beauty buys, or at least skincare products, because those are daily/weekly products that really make an improvement in my skin’s health/appearance. I don’t have much to say about this anti-puff eye roller except it lives up to the hype, especially at this low price point. Keep in the fridge for in extra cooling effect!

~ Sarah

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