Review: Glamour Look By Mary Kay VoxBox


Last month, I had the opportunity to join Influenster, an online community where “trendsetters” (their words, not mine!) have the chance to test and share reviews of  upcoming products (for free!) and the like — a level up on your basic brand engagement, if you will.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was quickly selected to test a new set of products from Mary Kay, as part of the Glamour Look VoxBox program. As far as “mail-order” beauty lines are concerned, I grew up an Avon girl because their products were more affordable for my mom and I, so needless to say I was very excited to try out Mary Kay products for the first time!


The products in my Mary Kay VoxBox?

Lash Primer

❀ Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in black

❀ Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush

True Dimensions Lipstick in Pink Chérie

Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm

First things first, the primer/mascara duo were pretty incredible. As far as makeup goes, I’ve never been the girl to prioritize mascara. (You know the girls, I’m talking about — never too far from an eyelash curler, etc. Give me a tinted moisturizer and lip balm instead any day.) That being said, with one swipe of the primer alone, I saw a noticeable difference in my lashes. And the mascara isn’t clumpy and it doesn’t budge.

I don’t really have much to say about the concealer brush, except I guess it’s nice? I’m pretty attached to my Ecotool brushes, but I can’t complain about having another one around! Now onto the two more hit-or-miss products in the voxbox…


This lipstick was the first thing I tried on when I received the products (even before I snapped a photo!) and it was initially so disappointing. The color is very pink, almost Pepto Bismol pink on my coloring. Not that I can blame anyone for not knowing what works with my summer complexion! It was mostly disappointing because it’s also super moisturizing.

After mulling it over for a few days, I decided to give the lipstick another go — this time as a cheek stain! I tend to favor powder blushes over creams, and peach tones over anything else, but had been meaning to pick up a pink cream blush…eventually. And this lipstick turned out to be perfect for that! It didn’t work on my lips, but it did on my cheeks. It helps that it’s not too shimmery too.


After the initial disappointment with the lipstick I really wanted to love the eyeshadow. I don’t know why it didn’t photograph true to color, because it’s a beautiful purple. Seriously. And I also love purple shadows because they flatter all eye colors (but especially hazel eyes, like mine). Still, I don’t have much experience with cream shadows, so it seemed difficult to apply and kind of drying on my lids. Nonetheless, I appreciate the thought with all the creamy products — usually your best bet for the summer!

Did any of you receive the Mary Kay VoxBox? Is anyone interested in joining Influenster? Let me know (and I have invites!).

~ Sarah

I received these samples to test and keep from Influenster and Mary Kay, but the opinions in this post are honest and entirely my own. Besides the product, I was not compensated in any other way. Please read my disclosure policy here.

The Alumna Returns to Her Campus

It’s really weird to think about, but I became a college alumna two months ago today. That same night, I left New York for my new life in Philadelphia, and I haven’t been back since. Now that’s really crazy.

Next weekend though I can finally change that. The reason? Well besides the need for face-to-face human interaction and a serious empanada craving, it’s also time for the 2nd Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference. I was part of the Her Campus branch at Fordham since my sophomore year, and I love HC’s commitment to empowering college women, with a good measure of entertainment thrown in.

I had a great time last year (and did some serious bonding with the wonderful Darci Miller), but I’m excited to attend all the panels and workshops with the slightly-new perspective I have as a post-grad. Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity (I even ordered my first-ever business cards!), and who knows, maybe I’ll have a career epiphany of my own.

Not to say it’ll be all work and no play.

Interested in learning more about the two-day conference, or even attending yourself? Visit, and maybe I’ll even see you soon!

~ Sarah

‘Shades’ Turns 3!

I know I said not to expect a post today and all, but good news! Earlier today I decided to treat myself (with my blog turning three and all) and purchased my own domain. is now live!

WordPress is all fancy so if you read the blog on an RSS reader or go to the WordPress URL you’ll just be redirected, but still, exciting!

And here’s an Instagram of some flowers Nick gave me for graduation:

~ Sarah