It’s Elementary

Oxford Shirt Layered Under Dress

Oxford Blouse – Old Navy (thrifted, similar); Dress – Liz Clairborne (thrifted, similar); Oxford Heels – Payless (exact).

Oxford Shirt Under Dress

Last week I finally had the chance to meet Callie, one of my favorite blogger friends, in person! Callie is so sweet and motivated! She was in Philadelphia for a PR conference (you may remember I guest blogged over at her blog Coffee and Cardigans) so it was great to squeeze in a quick chat — and outfit photos of course. So nice to not have to use a tripod!

Oxford Under Dress

Sorry if the photos are excessive, but again, so nice to have a photographer! These were taken in the courtyard of City Hall, one of my favorite spots in Center City. I originally got to know Callie through her Thrifter Thursday roundups, so I couldn’t help but wear a couple thrifted pieces! Between the oxford shirt and the oxford pumps, though, this is the preppiest I’ll get — I was actually inspired by this pin from StyleUp.

Oxford Under Dress

I tried my best to define my shape with my skinny belt, but overall, I’m not sure if this outfit worked on me. I do love the print on the dress though — little triangles! Still one of my favorite thrifted finds.

~ Sarah

Way Too Many Random Facts About Me

Well, this takes me back to my early blogging days — this “10 random facts” blogging meme has been floating around for awhile, and my friend Darci finally tagged me. (You should definitely follow her blog, Freedom of Excess, especially if you like London and the Olympics and awesome people.)

Anyway, here goes nothing…

1. I learned to speak Spanish and English at about the same time when I was very young, but English and I always clicked better. Sometimes though, after spending several weeks in Colombia (the country my mom grew up in), I’ve actually started thinking and dreaming Spanish. Unfortunately, I’m not even close to fluent in Spanish — when it comes to speaking I’m pretty conversational, but reading and writing can be a struggle.


2. Because of my inability to handle Spanish, I studied Latin in high school. (Does Ecce Romani sound familiar to anyone else?) It was a great experience — our teacher was an awesome mentor, and I met some of my best friends our first day of class. It was a huge part of my high school years, even if I didn’t particularly have a talent for it. For months, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a wrist tattoo in Latin, but…

3. I’m terrified of needles. It’s embarrassing actually. Most medical settings give me the heebie jeebies, except I usually like going to the eye doctor because = new glasses.

4. I’m a dog person (see above), but it turns out I’m actually allergic to both dogs and cats. Oh well. #cantstopwontstop

5. I’ve always been creative, but not necessarily artistic. I won a few prizes for my drawings when I was really young, but it wasn’t something I really continued after elementary school. Middle school and early high school marked my drama and creative writing classes stage. With those interests, I definitely didn’t see myself studying journalism, that’s for sure.

6. Not to say journalism isn’t a creative field (it already takes me long enough to write a lede). My mom actually always said I’d be a writer (weirdo). That’s yet to be determined, but you could say I write pretty often (says the blogger).

7. I would also say I inherited my love of fashion from my mother. And a lot of my wardrobe too — we’re firm believers in hand-me-downs.

8. My love for sports is mostly my dad’s fault. A lot of our best memories together revolve around sporting events.

For a couple years, I basically wanted to be Rachel Nichols or Robin Roberts when I grew up. I’m not sure when my pursuit of a sports journalism career ended, but I partly blame the sports editor of my college paper who took me off the softball beat. That sports editor? My now-boyfriend, and a real-life sports reporter.

9. I guess I should mention that I also have a brother. We don’t have that much in common, besides our initials, love for dogs and our departure from our home state of Florida for college. We also both turned out to be social media addicts.

10. I’ve rambled on for too long and I’m far too lazy to tag additional bloggers. Whoops! That doesn’t matter though, I want to hear random facts about you anyway!

~ Sarah