Ahora Amo

Ay. It’s been even longer than usual since my last Ahora Amo post, but here it goes:

♥ I’ve been going through a podcast phase recently. My phone doesn’t have enough memory for a lot of songs, but downloading (and then deleting) podcasts works great to make my commutes that much more entertaining. My current favorites are Gilmore Guys, Breakfast for Dinner and Switched On Pop.

♥ This is super random, but I love this KONG dog leash. The 6 ft. length is perfect for Zamboni — just long enough that he has some distance but not too much. The neoprene around the handle is also clutch. Walks are that much better now.

♥ Face masks. I’ve never really tried them before, so I started small with some CVS brand options. It’s an easy way to relax and treat my skin.

♥ Nashville. It’s been so intense this season! I caught up this week and oh man, the drama. But would it hurt to let some people be at least a little happy? (Also, if you watch too, you have to check out the recaps on Vulture.)

♥ Decluttering. This and minimalism are definitely in buzzword territory, but staying organized at home has been a struggle for me for some time. I finally almost completely cleared out one of our spare bedrooms, and it felt awesome. Next? The upstairs.

♥ The weather. As a rule, I don’t like fall. (I like the related activities, sure, but I am not a fan of the finicky weather and the early sunsets.) That being said, this week the weather has been sunny and crisp and I am here for it.

♥ Girl talk. My female friendships are really important to me, and it’s been nice to catch up with some girlfriends over the last few weeks, even if it meant flying to Atlanta for a quick weekend!

What are you loving lately?

~ Sarah

Ahora Amo: Her Conference

This post is sponsored by Amtrak and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Shades of Sarah possible!

Just a final Her Conference 2015 recap! Can’t believe it’s been a week already!

Amtrak Instameet

♡ Train ride into New York — Amtrak is easily my favorite way to travel in the Northeast region! It makes the trip from Philly to New York a breeze!

♡ Pizza and wine with my freshman roommate, the best way to unwind before a jam-packed Conference

Her Conference

♡ Soaking up amazing career advice from some incredible women

♡ Recharging with lunchtime tacos

Primo Cappuccino

♡ Serious exploring of lower Manhattan. So. much. walking.

♡ Consuming my weight in iced Chai lattes — even tried a raspberry one waiting for my Amtrak at Penn Station

Amtrak Instameet

♡ Blurry selfies with my new blogging friend Erica from Coming Up Roses

♡ Another inspiring Her Conference!

~ Sarah

P.S. If you’re still a student, lucky duck! You can save 10% on Amtrak when booking with the Student Advantage card. You never know when it can come in handy!

Ahora Amo

Congrats on finishing the first week of the New Year! Here’s what I’m loving lately (see if you can figure out if I was home recently or not) ♥ 

♡ girls’ nights in with high school friends
♡ new books to read
♡ Christmas lights

The Grey Lodge

♡ Quizzo nights
♡ cuddle sessions
♡ Classpass (more on this later!)

Colombian food
♡ Colombian food
♡ warm Florida winters
♡ mini-family reunions

~ Sarah