2014 Reflections

Just popping by to fulfill my blogger cliche quota for the week. I’ll try to keep it short though.

This past January, when I was still writing for Lovelyish, I shared my four words for 2014: communicate, invest, minimize and explore. It’s been a good year, and while I think I’ve improved my personal communication skills and have invested more time in my relationships, there’s always room to grow. For 2015, I want to focus even more on my health, physically by eating better and exercising (ClassPass Philly is helping with this already!), and mentally by clearing out the physical clutter in my life. Maybe I’ll do some more brainstorming and add a couple new words to round it out 😉

Before that though, I wanted to share my favorite day of 2014. I want to keep track of this going forward! There were so many wonderful moments, but hands down my favorite day was a perfect spring day in Philadelphia with my three best friends from high school. We saw the sights, ate lots of good food and went dancing — it was the absolute best, and I’m so glad we were able to share that together.

This group selfie was actually taken the next day, when it was bitterly cold out. Still awesome though!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Thanks for reading and commenting, it really does make my day. Let’s make 2015 a great one!

~ Sarah


International Women’s Day

In the States, March marks Women’s History Month and much of the global community observes March 8th as International Women’s Day. It’s been observed for over a century and celebrates the many advancements that have been made in gender equality, while also continuing to inspire and remind people everywhere there is more work to be done. (And before you ask, yes there is an International Men’s Day — it’s observed in November.)

So I want to take today to think about the women who inspire me the most. There’s my mom, who has pretty much always been there for me to provide love and encouragement. There’s my tia, who I haven’t seen in almost three years but is always so warm and welcoming to me when we have a chance to connect.

And of course, I have my friends. Whenever I see my girlfriends back home in South Florida, I’m left inspired and rejuvenated by their accomplishments and their passion for my life. I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to keep me grounded (especially after some of us have known each other for almost a decade!). My Fordham friends aren’t slouches either — college is nothing if not an accelerated period of growth. Suffice to say we’ve seen each other at our best and at our worst. It happens, and it’s something to appreciate.

I guess it’s a coincidence that the next couple weeks is treating me a few visitors! One of my college roommates is visiting next weekend, and the following week, three of my best friends from home are making the trip up to Philly to see my new city and me. I couldn’t feel more special — or be more excited.

~ Sarah