Hawaiian Punch Print

Chambray Button-down – Five Dollar Store; Dress – Motherhood Maternity (thrifted); Wedges – Ross.

Happy August, everyone! I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone by, and I’m definitely not ready for it to be over. I’m not going to talk about depressing things like senior year today though. I haven’t blogged in about a week, but these pictures are actually from last week. It was a breezy and pleasant-enough day that layering up in chambray button-down seemed like a good idea.

I’ve had this button-down for ages, before it was even trendy – I featured it in my first-ever clothing haul on the blog. It’s a smidge too small though, and I’ve always struggled how to wear it. Some of my favorite bloggers do a really good job at it though – case in point Jenny in Jacquard, Style by Santina and Audrey from Putting Me Together.

To keep this look summery, I paired the button-down with my thrifted floral dress (last seen here). The thing about thrifting is that you have to keep an open mind. Take this dress – it’s maternity. I bought it when I was about to start college, obviously without having any intention to be a mom in the near future (still don’t, thanks for asking). But it’s a flattering fit, and the print is fun. And so this dress found a happy place in my closet.

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~ Sarah

Fully-Charmed Life

As much as this weekend has been all about long hours at the library preparing for finals, last weekend was about spending lazy days with friends and dancing the night away. Fordham has an annual Spring Weekend, featuring a Friday night DJ, an outdoor concert and BBQ and a spring semi-formal. This year, the mashup duo The White Panda and the 1990s band Third Eye Blind came to campus. A few photos (and outfits)…

With my future roommate Alyssa before The White Panda.

Dress – Target; Blazer – borrowed; Headband – Ross; Earrings – Eastern Market.

With Alyssa and Katie, Third Eye Blind concert.

Fedora and dress – both Target.

With my friend Nancy, also at Third Eye Blind (before it got really hot out).

Sunglasses – Chinatown; Chambray shirt – unknown.

At our Under the Tent Dance. 

Dress (borrowed) – Forever 21.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there, and happy 20th birthday, Nancy!

~ Sarah

P.S. I couldn’t help but share this wonderful video. Moms are the best.

Fashion Inspiration: Thelma & Louise

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down with my mom to watch one of her all-time favorite movies, Thelma & Louise. It’s a 1990s classic, so it may seem like an odd movie to by inspired by when it comes to fashion. After all, most of the movie takes place in the Southwest and there’s plenty of double denim. Still, with a few fresh updates looks inspired by these two broads are perfect for the dog days of summer.

Look #1: Thelma

Thelma & Louise: Thelma

Chambray Shirt- Old Navy; Floral Cross-Body Bag- Topshop; Embroidered Dress- Forever 21 (Canada); Cat-Eye Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters; Cowboy Boots- Forever 21 (Canada)

This look was inspired by Thelma, played by Geena Davis. At the start of the movie, Thelma is flighty and flirty, and this breezy white dress captures that carefree vibe. Layer over it a chic (unbuttoned) chambray shirt, a revived 90’s fashion staple. The floral bag is kitschy addition to the outfit. The girly cat-eyes with tinted pink lenses add another pop of color. Cowboy boots complete the look- Thelma is a country girl! The ankle length and studs keep the boots modern and not costume-y. If you need more convincing, remember summer boots are worth trying out!

Look #2: Louise

Thelma & Louise: Louise

Straw Fedora- Tilly’s; Turquoise Necklace- Fred Flare; Racerback Tank- Old Navy; Shorts- Forever 21; Satchel- Topshop; Cowboy Boots- Forever 21 (Canada)

Susan Sarandon plays Louise, the antithesis of Thelma: strong, sassy, and stubborn. This look reflects the tough girl vibe Louise gives off. The foundation for the outfit is your basic white tank and cutoffs, plus a satchel for any essentials. The necklace does double-duty as a statement piece with a Western flair. Although Louise wears a cowboy hat throughout the movie, a trendy straw fedora is more wearable. I picked the same boots as the ones in the Thelma outfit (she and Louise are best friends!) but in brown to go better with the overall look.

What do you think? Have you seen Thelma & Louise? Would you wear similar outfits to these? Let me know!

~ Sarah

P.S. Sorry about the lack of decent movie stills. Google Images was not helping.