Black, Gold & Peplum

Black Laser Cut Peplum with JeansWhen it comes to trends, what goes around comes around right? I first bought this top a few years ago — the last time peplum blouses and skirts were trendy. I’m glad I kept it around after the trend passed. The new ones are a little more relaxed, but mine is black (timeless) and eyelet (another spring trend), so it fits right in.
Black Laser Cut Peplum
Black Laser Cut Peplum with JeansTo brighten things up a bit, I added my favorite (and only) MAC lipstick — Como La Flor, from the Selena collection (though this bright red is similar). I grabbed my mirrored sunglasses — they’re a lot, but the rest of the look is simple so I think it works.
Black Laser Cut Peplum with JeansI’m also very into my strappy block heel sandals. I originally bought them for a wedding, but they ended up being too dressy (it was picnic-themed, and I embraced the laid-back vibe). I haven’t worn them for an extended period of time, but so far, so good on the comfort level.

Any other spring trends you’re glad are back (or still) in our closets? I love the seventies vibes right now, but I don’t reach for my flared jeans nearly enough. In the meantime, here are some more peplums with potential (under $50 of course!).

~ Sarah
Top: Kohl’s
Jeans: Gap
Sunglasses: Primark
Bag: Anne Klein via Ross
Sandals: Ross

2017 Shopping Budget

Writing this makes it “official”: I’m on a shopping ban. It’s started as a of a Lent thing, and I’m still going strong for the most part. It helps. Also, saving money never hurt anyone, right? The fun part though is talking about the stuff I have bought this year.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bittersweet, $22.00 $10.00
Calvin Klein Shell, $10.00 via Clothes Mentor (similar)
Anne Klein satchel, $40.00 via Ross
Mermaid Enamel Pin, $12.00
Primark Loafers, $12.50 (similar)
Primark Pink Mirror Aviator Sunglasses $3.50
Block Heel Sandals, $28.00 via Ross (similar)
Target mixed lace dress, $27.99
Lulalroe Nicole Dress (new with tags, $48.00), $21.00
Maxi Dress, $14.00 via Clothes Mentor
Statement Necklace, $4.00 via Clothes Mentor

Total Spent: $182.99

I am so into all of these purchases. The satchel has been my go-to work bag. I love my tote (seen here), but a cross body is much easier to walk to work with. I wore my lace dress and Nicole dress to the Blog Connect and honestly felt awesome (oh and my mermaid pin too). The sunglasses sandals are coming soon to a blog near you. And the purple lipstick? That’s just for fun 😉 Anyone else “quit” shopping lately?

~ Sarah


Spring Outfit Ideas

The weather in Philadelphia continues to be spastic: one day I’m wearing long sleeves and my winter jacket, and the next it’s too warm for my jeans. Getting dressed has been an adventure, and I was running low on inspiration. On the bright side, that’s why I read blogs. Here are some spring outfit ideas from my favorite bloggers:

via Priya the blog

Priya rocks colors like nobody’s business (have you seen her new site?!), but she works neutrals too. I have all of these pieces: little white dress, beige cardigan, black clogs, beaded necklace. Have I thought of pairing them together before? Nope.

via Nicole at Writes Like A Girl

I love my denim vest, but I usually cop out and just wear it with a dress. Nicole has a better idea: A simple tank and a print skirt has the same vibe, but a touch more creativity. Also, pendant necklaces are my favorite.

via Kimi at Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Dark florals and ankle boots may give off a fall vibe, but Kimi proves that a simple white tee can really brighten things up. Also, I love wearing ankle boots into spring because who has time for a pedicure? (Answer: not me.)

You can find my spring outfits and posts here. Also, if you have any spring outfit ideas or accessible fashion blogger recommendations, send them my way! I’m always looking for new reads. Happy weekend!

~ Sarah