Hooked on Phonetic (Eyewear)

Each year, it seems as though I’m spending more and more time in front of a computer or smartphone, and I know I’m not the only one who gets headaches from all of this screen time. So when Phonetic Eyewear asked me if I was interested in trying a pair of their computer glasses, my curiosity was definitely piqued.

Computer glasses sound super nerdy (and a quick Google Images search confirms that), but Phonetic Eyewear’s options are decidedly cool, and aim to prevent eye strain. I picked out a few frames I liked and polled my friends before picking out the Caitlin frames in black blue raspberry (currently out of stock, but the Harper were my runner-up!).

Phonetic Eyewear

I choose to get regular computer glasses instead of a prescription pair for a couple reasons. One, I find my eyestrain (digital and otherwise) are worse when I wear contacts all day. Two, I can’t be bothered switching between three glasses (regular, computer and sun) on the regular. A note on prescription computer glasses: they’re doable, but if you have a strong prescription (🙋), additional charges are likely to add up real quick. #thestruggleisreal

Phonetic Eyewear Computer Glasses

Glasses – c/o Phonetic Eyewear; Blouse – LOFT.

So do computer glasses really work? I had the best results when I wore my glasses to start the day, instead of waiting until a headache (my most common eyestrain symptom) kicked in. I also felt like I don’t have to tone down the brightness of my devices as much, which makes things easier to read as well. There is a blue reflection (it’s all the blue light), so I do not recommend these glasses for selfies. As a wearer, there is a slight yellow tint, but I mean slight. I don’t think it’s noticeable for others, but if you take off your computer glasses for lunch, for example, it’ll take a second to adjust. The best way I can explain it is it’s as if you’re wearing the weakest of sunglasses indoors while on the computer. The adjustment was minimal for me.

If you experience eyestrain and are curious about computer glasses, I would definitely recommend trying out Phonetic Eyewear. Non-prescription glasses start at under $50 (remember, they’re stylish too!), and they can make the workday that much easier for a small investment.

Have you heard of or tried computer glasses before? I’d love to hear your experiences!

~ Sarah

I received a free pair of glasses from Phonetic Eyewear in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.



I had another post planned for today, but with the news out of Virginia this morning, it didn’t seem appropriate. It’s a tragedy, the way Charleston was a tragedy, and Sandy Hook and Aurora and Columbine before that. That’s not even close to a comprehensive list, which is so, so twisted. I try to keep this blog a happy place, and not as heavy on the feelings as it has this week, but man. This particular shooting hit me harder than some others (again, the fact that there are “others” — sick), and it’s not just the manner itself. I know a good amount of people working in journalism, broadcast journalism included. The thought that any of my acquaintances or friends could be hurt while doing their job, (not even covering a dangerous situation, but a story on local tourism) makes me feel like someone kicked me in my stomach.

Recently, I was thinking about next year’s elections, and I realized that the youngest voters will have been born in 1998. They don’t really know a pre-9/11 world, or a pre-Columbine world — they know the “war on terror” and mass shootings at schools and movie theaters and churches and shopping malls. One of my first memories of television was the Oklahoma City bombings. I was four years old. This is wrong.

It might seem flippant to associate this whole event with a trivial thing like Star Wars quote, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read that today’s gunman was “motivated” by the Charleston gunman, who had been angered by the way George Zimmerman was treated. What kind of cycle is that? I’ll leave the arguments about gun control and mental health to other (hopefully smarter) people, but can’t we just collectively as a society stop with the hate? There is no reason why we should fear each other for being different, or continue to perpetuate anger against our fellow man. It only leads to suffering.

Rest in peace, Allison and Adam.

~ Sarah

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~ Sarah