A Toast to the BX

After my emotional experience in the Dominican Republic, it didn’t feel right jumping straight into outfit photos. Writing about a fun place in my favorite borough? Not a bad place to restart.

Right before leaving for spring break, I gave my friend from home, Brittany, a tour of my Little Italy Bronx neighborhood. We had some delicious pizza, and then stopped by the Bronx Beer Hall in the Arthur Avenue Market for a quick drink. I read a review in theĀ Times, but it was my first time there and it just happened to be happy hour.

I’m not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a hard cider now and then. The Beer Hall exclusively serves craft beers from the Jonas Bronck’s Beer Company, also based in the borough, which has a long brewing history. Brittany and I caught up for a couple hours, enjoying drinking out of mason jars. Too fun. I also ran into some Fordham friends, and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

If you’re in the Belmont neighborhood, I’d definitely recommend the Bronx Beer Hall as a pit stop. Really though, I recommend anything that gives the Bronx a good rep.

~ Sarah

Soul Food & Girl Talk

Harlem Restaurant Week, along with midterm week on the horizon, called for a roomie date splurging on some soul food. My roommate Jillian and I hit up Harlem for a $20 3-course lunch last Friday, and it was glorious. It was nice to take an afternoon to try some different food (I’m obviously way adventurous) and explore a new New York neighborhood.

Now onto the food…

I am not a wing person – I don’t really like eating meat of the bone, and I don’t like hot sauces. These, however, were tender and delicious.

I remember when I first heard about chicken & waffles when I read some YA book (Princess & the Pauper, for those of you wondering) and I’ve been curious to try the unexpected (at least me) combination ever since! It’s actually delicious – and really filling!

And no pictures of the peach cobbler and banana pudding we ordered for dessert, because hello, it was dessert. And some other Harlem snapshots:

I loved the detail on this corner building on 125th, I wonder what it was before it was a Starbucks and a bank.

I just can’t with the buildings in this area – the architecture is so homey.

This mosaic at the 125th subway station is awesome.

And as for what I wore?

Coat – Esprit; Chambray – Old Navy; Sweater – JC Penney; Jeggings – TJ Maxx; Booties – Charlotte Russe.

First, I don’t know how you fancy outdoor-photo-taking bloggers do it in the winter. I was cold! But it gave me a chance to keep my coat on, which I adore. It’s plum, hooded, and zips up nicely. I also attempted layering my new chambray underneath a sweater for the first time. I don’t think I’ve mastered it yet, but it definitely kept me warm. And I would wear chambray to Clare’s neighborhood just when she has to give it up for her chambray challenge. Good luck, Clare!

I also have been dying to wear my new Western booties out, but there’s been too much slush on the ground. I don’t even care that you can see my socks. Expect to see these a lot more come springtime!

~ Sarah

P.S. Do I get credit for not titling this post ‘Harlem Shake’? The Miami Heat one is my favorite, obviously.

“I Think I’ll Go to Boston”

On Labor Day Weekend, I decided it was time to ditch New York for a bit and head up to Boston. The occasion? College football! And catching up with a good friend from school who already graduated (lame). My DSLR is out of wonk at the moment, so I documented my trip on Instragram (follow me @sari_ramirez). Above, transferring at Union Station in New Haven, Connecticut.

Arriving at South Station.

The Miami Hurricanes beating up on Boston College – I hadn’t gone to a UM game since I was 18!

Walking through Lincoln Plaza

Until next time, Beantown!

~ Sarah