Emphasis On Casual

Chambray and Geo Print Skirt

Chambray Button-down – Old Navy (exact); Skirt – Five Below (similar/more work-approrpriate); Boots – Target (similar).

My job isn’t the most exciting in the world, but one of my favorite parts is definitely our business casual dress code. As in very casual. My wardrobe isn’t that different from my college days (which were obviously so long ago), and where else could I get away with wearing a denim shirt and a swimsuit coverup?

Yep, full disclosure: this skirt/coverup cost me five whole bucks. Does it look it? I really don’t think it does. The fabric isn’t too thin and the geometric pattern (which I refuse to call “tribal” or anything of the sort) sort of acts as camouflage (functionally, not fashionably). Plus, it passes the Catholic school test: the hem is longer than the tips of my fingers. (You’ll have to take my word for it — I’m petite but my legs are long.)

Also, I know I said I wasn’t ready for boots, but I’ll compromise if it still means bare legs. Yes, please!

~ Sarah

Sun Drop

Old Navy Chambray Button-Down and Yellow Sundress

Chambray Button-Down – Old Navy; Dress (as skirt) – Old Navy (more fall-appropriate option here); Flats – Old Navy (surprise).

While it looked like fall today (hello, clouds), it certainly didn’t feel like it, so I took advantage of it and opted for bare legs. I know those days are numbered. Also numbered? The days I can wear my bright lace sundresses and not look completely out of place.

I didn’t intend to dress head to toe in Old Navy today, promise. When I woke up this morning, my mission was a hemline above the knees and this kind of came together. And I hope you’re not tired of seeing me in my chambray button-down, since I most certainly am not.

A few words about these flats: they were purchased near my office out of desperation after I literally (and unexpectedly) wore down the sole of my old black flats en route to work. I’m a size 7, but my feet are on the wide side, and chose not to size up to 8. (Half sizes are only available online it turns out.) These shoes were downright painful to wear at first, but I finally broke them in after wearing them around the house wearing thick men’s socks. That Pinterest, it really works sometimes. Also, pointy toes make me feel unnecessarily adult.

Any wardrobe favorites you’re not ready to put away just yet?

~ Sarah

Seeing A Theme

Polka Dots and Flared JeansTop – Nordstrom Rack (clearance, shop similar); Jeans – Old Navy (exact).

For fun, my first picture with Zamboni. He’s just a little of out of focus. 

My outfit posts are infrequent to say the least, so it was definitely not my intention to post two outfits featuring denim and white-on-black polka dots. I kind of flipped things around this time though — whereas last time I wore my chambray shirt over my polka dot dress, this time I grabbed two of my new fall pieces, this top and a new pair of flared jeans.

This definitely isn’t the most flattering outfit, but it is comfortable. It’s the proportions that throw things off, but listen learned: when you’re between jean sizes, it’s probably wise to invest in a belt. Also, can we talk how this shirt was originally priced at $58?! So not worth it — I’m glad I snagged at eight bucks, but it’s a thin cotton material (if you look closely it’s not even lined near the collar) and the black is already fading. I’ll wear it to pieces this fall though, I’m sure.

~ Sarah

P.S. Next time, I promise to wear some color.

Note: I’d be remiss to not mention that today is the 12th anniversary of 9/11. You can read some of my earlier reflections of that day here.