Minted Art Prints

Many moons ago, I won a blog giveaway and won a gift code to Minted! (I wish knew from which blogger though, sorry!) Minted is a great website that sells art prints (framed or unframed), as well as customized stationery. Well now I’m running out of time to use my code and need help deciding what print to buy!

Most of my apartment has art on the walls, with the exception of my room. I have a lot of wall space, and a small photo gallery. The color scheme? Blues, pinks and greens, tied together with silver frames. (I bought all of these frames at the dollar store and then spray painted them — I am not a gold foil type of a girl. My prints are a mix of postcards, greeting cards, a flower print from Etsy and a print from Pretty Smitten I won from another blog in like 2013.)

So I would love a print that complimented my gallery wall (which I hope grows!), but isn’t super match-y either. As for the rest of my room, it’s pretty neutral colored (because it’s 2017) with the exception of these purple pillows Arya loves. Also, what my apartment lacks in storage space, it makes up in wall space.)

There are a lot of options on Minted,  but you can search by theme or color, which is awesome! I’m still figuring out my art style, but I know abstract isn’t my favorite and I love different brushstroke techniques  (I mean, I have a Monet reproduction). Minted also sells original photographs, but I would rather frame my own photographs. So with all that in mind, these are some of my favorite prints:

Shop (clockwise): Spring In Purple | Peninsula | Ivy | The Meadow | Flutter Watercolor

I originally thought I wanted something purple next to my bed, but I painted a purple sunrise at a Paint Nite, so now I’m not sure. I really can’t decide, and I haven’t even gotten to the framing options! Any favorites? I’d love to have some more input!

~ Sarah