Last-Minute Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Standing in front of your closet today figuring out what to wear for dinner tonight? I browsed through my archives and I have some last-minute Thanksgiving outfit ideas for you…

Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit IdeasColorful Scarf + Sweater + Ponte Leggings

Thick leggings were pretty much made for Thanksgiving, right? Add a festive scarf and sweater so it looks like you put in some effort. 😉

Tiered Blouse + Ponte Leggings

A long, tiered blouse dresses up another leggings and boots combo. Add a pendant or  y-necklace for some extra sparkle.


A no-brainer, but still worth mentioning! The fabric here is what makes it appropriate or not for your Thanksgiving dinner, depending on how dressy it is.

Patterned Cardigan + Jeans

Cozy and cute, but not too warm. Of course, feel free to swap out jeans for (gasp!) leggings. Think about the food!

Some other recurring themes: maroon (talk about one of my power colors), black (better for hiding stains) and comfy pants.

Enjoy the holiday, and thank you always for reading! I’m grateful for this little space, and everyone who takes the time to read my words!

~ Sarah