July Budget

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Denim Vest, $16.99
Acure Organics Face Wash, $9.99
Physicians Formula Super BB Cream, $11.99
NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sandstorm, $6.99

Total Spent: $45.96
Total Saved: $0

I totally expected to do worse in July, but that’s probably because I placed an Old Navy order at the end of the month that I’m still waiting to be delivered (one word: clogs). Anyway…

Let’s talk about frivolous and impulsive purchases. I definitely don’t need a denim vest, but it makes for a cool layering piece over sundresses for the summer. It’s a fun way to show off trendy pins. It’s the type of “completer piece” that can revive your existing wardrobe. I didn’t really consider purchasing one until I saw one at Target (the price was right), but I still thought it over. Then when I went back to store, I couldn’t find any in my size. (Yes, it’s a girls’ size denim vest. My frame is on the petite side, and since I’m buttoning it up, an XL is perfect.)

Whenever I stopped in Target (which is probably too often), I would browse but the vests were out of stock. Cue a few weeks later, and I find another denim vest, made out of even stretchier material, and it’s in my basket before I know what’s happening. The denim vest had lingered in my mind enough that while not something I needed, I wanted it enough that it was worth the twenty bucks. So frivolous? Yes. Impulsive? Not as much.

(What was impulsive was picking up Sandstone just because it was back in stock for once, after writing last month that I wouldn’t do that. Oops.)

Oh, and buying BB cream and repurchasing my favorite face wash are totally boring, but I feel like it’s only fair to include them.

We’ll see how I do in August. 🙈

~ Sarah

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