June Budget

June 2016 Budget
Merona Saddle Bag, $29.99
NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks (in Tea & Cookies and Soft Spoken), $12.23 (buy 1, get 1 for 25% off)
Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans, $34.94 $22.50

Total Spent: $64.72
Total Saved: $14.91 ($78.91 – $64.72)

I like to think that I’m pretty good at keeping my purchases practical (or at least easy to justify to myself), but that was less the case this month. Oh well! I’m averaging less than $100 a month on clothing and beauty products this year, and my impulse purchases are fewer. If anything, I might be overthinking purchases, but that’s fine with me!

I’ve had my eyes on that green saddle bag for months. It’s definitely not something I needed, since I am the queen of crossbody purses, but most of mine are neutral (like here and here). It’s a fun (neutral-ish) pop of color to play with, and I’ve been using it a lot lately (it’s already made it to the blog). Not sorry for this purchase.

I also finally tried NYX liquid lipsticks this month, in Tea & Cookies and Soft Spoken. Tea Cookies is a little too pink for me while wet, but once dried, I really like it. Soft Spoken is closer to my real lip color, but I’m on a hunt to find Sandstorm in stock somewhere because I think it’s the perfect shade for me. Lip colors are so fussy sometimes, but I also feel like they’re necessary for me to look like I have lips…oh well!

As for July purchases… I’m really hoping to keep them limited. The good news is that by traveling over the holiday weekend, I was not tempted by $8 Old Navy dresses!

~ Sarah

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