Shades of Blue

Alternate post title: “April Snow Showers”… but another blogger named Sarah already took it. But it was indeed snowing when Chrystina and I took these pictures after enjoying a cozy morning in a Northern Liberties cafe.

Final - Shades of Sarah 048It was April 9th. It’s fine. I’m fine.

We are finally done with winter weather. Bye. — me, on March 28th


Final - Shades of Sarah 016
Look at how much I’m enjoying the flurries!

Honestly, spring snow showers are all sorts of aggravating. First of all, it’s spring. Also, it’s the worst type of snow (from an annoyance perspective): cold, wet, fluffy, incapable of sticking and giving you a snow day. Rain boots are key for this kind of weather. With thick socks, you’ll stay warm and dry.

Final - Shades of Sarah 005

For my sanity, I need colorful layers. At this point, I am beyond done with black and gray. (Ignore the fact that my black peacoat is the last one I haven’t stored for the season.) A blue sweater and white knit scarf help brighten things up, but keep me comfortably warm. For an extra touch of color, I added this necklace I collaborated on with Katrina. The opera length is perfect for peeking out from underneath a scarf.

Final - Shades of Sarah 036

The moral of the story? When you get snow showers in April, keep it simple and dress in head-to-toe blue for a dose of spring. A bright white scarf and pastel statement necklace can only help.

Anyone else dress certain ways when the weather get depressing?

~ Sarah

Coat: Target
Sweater: Uniqlo (still available in select colors/sizes)
Scarf: handmade by family
Necklace: Katrina
Jeans: GAP Factory
Rain boots: Hunters

Photos by Chrystina