Virgo Accessories Under $50

It’s my birthday this weekend! 💃 I would say I’m moderately into my birthday — I definitely look forward to it and like to celebrate it, but I don’t think I get over the top! (Ok, maybe this year I’m going all out, I’m turning 25!) I love being a September baby, and I’m (for the most part) a textbook Virgo — practical, detail-oriented and loyal (but picky!).

That being said, I thought I’d share some fun Virgo accessories for the birthday girls in your life. I have a Virgo necklace and mug (both in navy and gold) that I love. Bonus: these are all under $50!

Virgo-Inspired Fashion

Shop: Zodiac tee | Asymmetrical necklace | Adjustable bracelet | Zodiac pendant | Zodiac bangle

Any favorites? I love both of the necklaces, but one is probably enough! Do you have any accessories or other items inspired by your sign?

~ Sarah