Etsy Wishlist

Since graduating college and starting to work, I’ve tried to become a more conscious consumer. I still love a bargain, but I also love unique pieces and supporting small businesses. That’s what makes Etsy shopping such a thrill — and a little addicting! I thought I’d share what’s currently Etsy wishlist:

Etsy Wishlist Fall 2015

Shop: Miami print | Pineapple necklace | Pitbull necklace | Rose Gold Initial Necklace

I’ve really been loving the dainty jewelry lately (like my Olive Yew necklace seen here), so it’s not a surprise that three of my favorite items are personalized necklaces. The dog necklace is a little kitschy, but I’m all about pittie pride. The pineapple necklace is a subtle homage to my state and southern hospitality. The initial disc necklace is classic enough for everyday.

And the Miami art print? First of all, it’s perfect. Second of all, I will eventually finish my home office and it will definitely have a small gallery wall.

Any favorite Etsy stores or items? I’m always interested in exploring more.

~ Sarah