April-June Budget

It feels like this year has been going by really quickly, and then I remember how much shopping I’ve done. In April, it was still freezing and it’s definitely warmed up since then. That being said, mom, you may want to stop reading now.
Budget: April-June

Uniqlo hoodie, $15 (full price $35)
LOFT trench coat, $84 (full price $168)
Conway leopard flats, $8 (full price $16)
Hot Topic Star Wars tank, $21 (similar)
Old Navy cargo jacket, $35 (full price $45)
Old Navy sundress, $30 (full price $37)
Merona Modern Ankle Pants, Target, $28 (2 pairs)
BCBG hat, via Burlington, $17 (MSRP $40)
InPink Starlight Cuff, $13 (including shipping)
Kmart swimsuit and striped shorts, $35 (I think, I lost the receipt)

Ecotool foundation and concealer brushes, $8 on sale (buy one, get one 50% off at Ulta)
Revlon Red nail polish, $6
Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, $29
Pixi Beauty Lid & Line, $5 (on sale, full price $16)

Budget: $166 ($150 quarterly budget + $16 carryover from January-March)
Total: $362 (sorry, mom)
Estimated Retail: $532
Savings: $170 (or just less than 32%)
Shopping Budget remaining (for 2015): $126

So…this could have been worse. I could’ve bought everything full-price, but I didn’t. Still, knowing that I have less than $150 to spend on clothing for the next 6 months is a little shocking. Granted, I make the rules around here, but there is no point in setting budgets if you can’t stick to them. Also, yes, I needed to start rounding because it was very overwhelming.

Maybe this is a sign I could have been a lawyer, but I can justify all most of my purchases. Almost a third of my spending was on my new trench coat, which I’ll hopefully have for years and fits a lot better than my previous one which I passed along to a friend. Also, I was shopping for my work clothes when I tried on these pants at Target. I really liked them, and since we all know what an achievement that is, I purchased two pairs (one black, one gray). Here’s hoping the knees don’t start sagging by the fall so I can wear them with riding boots. It’s just something I’m picky about. Does this make the rest of my shopping better?

(Probably not.)

More fun favorites? My Uniqlo hoodie (not exciting, but so comfy and I’ve been needing a zip up for errands and around the house) and my jacket and dress from Old Navy. The jacket was the definition of an impulse purchase — on the way to a venue preview on an unseasonably cold June day. I need another layer or I’d be miserable, but I think it definitely serves a purpose in my wardrobe. I bought a similar dress from Old Navy last year, out of desperation to find a great little white dress. I only wore last year’s dress once or twice though, and it’s just not the most flattering on me. So it’ll go to a better home — I actually have more than a blue IKEA bag’s worth of stuff I’ve cleaned out of my closet to give away/donate/recycle. It’s a good feeling.

Think I can stick to my remaining budget the rest of the year? Here’s hoping you’ve been a little less spendy than me!

~ Sarah

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