July-October Budget

July-October Shopping Budget
Old Navy striped top*, $9.99 ($22.94)
Old Navy clogs*, $11.99 ($32.94)
Old Navy sweater*, $13.49 ($29.94)
Old Navy gold flats*, $6.99 ($24.84)
Old Navy camisole, $3.50 ($4.99)
Old Navy jeggings, $29.94
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan, $18.86 ($26.94)
Old Navy Long Pixie Pants, $29.00
Souvenir Hoodie, $25.00

*clearance items

Total: $148.76
Retail Value: $226.53
Savings: $77.77
Budget: $138.42 ($60 x 4 (July, August, September, October) – $101.58 over in June)
$10.34 over
$49.66 for November ($109.66 for the rest of 2014!)

Remember when I did these budget posts every month?

Yeah, me too.

July: Just over a year ago, I had maybe three pieces from Old Navy in my closet. Now, I buy at least that much a season, in part thanks to their clearance sales. I wore my gold flats the most (at least once a week when it warmer out!) and a breezy striped top requires no justification. The clogs were my size and are the same ones Nicole and Kaity have, so I had to have them.

August: I technically only bought myself one thing, the softest hoodie on the Jersey shore. (Did I have my mom buy me three new pants, a skirt and top for work? Yes, yes, I did.)

September: Old Navy strikes again! First, grey jeggings (and an essential black cami) for Fordham’s homecoming. Then, during a free 2-day shipping promotion, I purchased long printed pixie pants (love the length, wish they were slimmer) and a black boyfriend cardigan that I wear at least weekly. (Excluded from the budget, my birthday gift to myself, this black and white mixed print dress I’ve been wanting for months.)

October: I spent no money out of pocket on clothing this month! (At least that’s what my Mint account tells me.) I did receive a gift card for the new Century 21 in Philly, but those purchases will be featured in their own haul post, coming soon!

Wish me luck as we finish up the year! How are you doing with your shopping budget, if you keep one?

~ Sarah