Lately: October 2014

Borrowing this from Clare today!

♥ Wearing: Yoga pants and a long-sleeved thermal (I’m blogging in bed, no judging).
♥ Listening: To my Black Keys Pandora station. Yes, I still use Pandora.
♥ Reading: Gone Girl think pieces after I powered through the novel last week.
♥ Watching: Ocean’s Eleven, the Clooney remake, which is always on TV.
♥ Doing: Everything I can to procrastinate putting away my laundry.
♥ Loving: Zamboni’s new Halloween costume!
♥ Hating: How early it’s getting dark.
♥ WishingIt was payday.
♥ Wanting: More donations to my fundraising page for the 8th Annual Mutt Strut this Saturday, a fundraiser benefitting PAWS, an animal rescue which works to make Philly a no-kill city. (/end shameless plug).

Happy Monday!

~ Sarah