Night Market Fashion Essentials

Philadelphia Night Market Outfit It’s finally summer, which means it’s Night Market season! The second installment of this year’s food truck festival is Thursday, so it’s time to get our tummies and outfits ready. The perfect Night Market outfit is two things: cute and comfortable. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider a dress, but avoid long hemlines. It will be crowded and you don’t want your dress to be stepped on. A fun print, like the one on this Aeropostale dress, will also disguise any food stains. Plus the fit-and-flare shape leaves room for your food baby to expand in comfort. If you’re prone to chilliness, grab a dependable denim jacket.
  • Make the sneaker trend work in your favor. It wouldn’t be Night Market without long lines. As a rule, I avoid wedges whenever I’ll be walking or standing a lot. Sandals are an option too, but with all the food and drinks likely to be spilled, play it safe with closed-toe shoes (these Vans are super fun).
  • Keep your hands free with a cross body bag. All the better to eat lots of delicious tacos and cupcakes with — seating is always limited at these things. Wearing a trendy bucket bag will allow you to hold your food and Instagram it without too much hassle. Also don’t forget to bring cash for the food trucks!

What are your Night Market fashion essentials?

~ Sarah