A #SkirtWeek Wishlist

There’s one skirt you won’t be seeing me style as part of Skirt Week: the maxi. I have a couple of maxi dress that I love, but I haven’t purchased a maxi skirt just yet. I was originally a bit weary of the silhouette, but I think I’m finally game. This is probably my dream maxi skirt outfit:
Trend to Try: How to Style a Maxi Skirt

Shop: Target Skirt; The Limited Tee; Forever 21 Pendant Necklace; Target Sandals.

It’s a little bit preppy (navy and white stripes), a little bit bohemian (the pendant necklace and sandals), but looks a whole lot¬†comfortable. And let’s be honest, isn’t that the main appeal of maxi skirts and dresses in the first place?

Check back later tonight to see how I styled a very different type of printed skirt!

~ Sarah