May Budget


Sneakers, Target, $34.99
Gap Belt, $24.46 (30% off, similar)
Statement Earrings, Mall of Style giveway + cost of shipping, $6.22

Total: $65.67 ($0.24 under budget, thanks to $5.91 carryover from April budget, savings of $21.47)

Welp, my practicality strikes again. Are these dreadfully boring for you to read? Because I’m feeling like my shopping adventures are, well, dreadfully boring. My money didn’t go too far this month, but I filled two big holes in my closet, so that’s the good news.

I’ve been needing a good brown belt for ages, but couldn’t come across any I liked at my usual haunts. This is my version of a splurge: a genuine brown leather belt, with a quirky but subtle palm tree print embossed.

I’m still working on breaking in my¬†new kicks, but I really needed a pair. I recently started walking a mile a day with Zamboni (as opposed to just around a couple blocks), but was tired of wearing out my real shoes faster because of it. Hopefully these sneakers will keep my feet happier and extend the life of my flats and sandals. Also, they’re mint!

The earrings were purchased using a credit from a giveaway Maddie from Caramel and Salt hosted. I haven’t worn them yet though because though I love statement earrings, I have the hardest time planning outfits around them and hating wearing them to work (#headsetproblems). Hopefully Pinterest and/or my chambray shirt will come to the rescue!

How did all you budgeting bloggers do this month?

~ Sarah

P.S. Check back starting tomorrow¬†for lots of outfit posts as part of the Skirt Week link up I’m co-hosting with Katie and Liz!

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