March Budget

March Purchases

Corduroy Leggings (Kmart), $12.74 (not pictured, seen here)
Printed Dress (Ross), $9.99 (not pictured, seen here)
InPink Necklace Set, $20.00 ($0 with promo code) + $6.95 shipping
Aphillyated Ben Franklin Tee, $16.00*
Aphillyated Cheesesteak Tee (worn here), $24.00*

*courtesy of item — thanks, Aphillyated!

Total: $29.68 ($160.08 total over the last three months, $19.92 under quarterly budget of $180)

As I expected, I didn’t go too crazy in March. Besides my jewelry purchase from InPink (because of course I’d buy a statement necklace as the trend is exiting), my two other purchases were impulse buys. The leggings I’m still “meh” on, unfortunately — our local Kmart is going out of business, so I was expecting a bigger discount. I was also hoping the leggings would be more like jeggings, but they don’t even have pockets. If it wasn’t final sale, I would’ve most likely returned them, but after a wash and wearing them in a snowstorm, I’m kind of okay that I couldn’t. The dress, however, I love — I’ve worn it three times already, including with the necklace for a night out.

I also want to talk about how I set my clothing budget. Often it feels very much on the low-end, especially when I see other budgeting bloggers spending over $150 a month. Hey, no judgement there — more power to them if they’re at a point in life where they can afford to invest in quality clothing. Almost a year out of college, and I’m not there yet (though trust me when I can say I can making my cheaper clothing last). Then I realize I’ve budgeted $720 a year to just clothing and really, that feels like more than enough.

How are you doing with your budget so far this year?

~ Sarah

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