Trailer Tuesday: Divergent

Since this blog is primarily supposed to be about fashion and pop culture, well, I figured I should be doing some more talking about pop culture, huh? So now every week I’ll be sharing a movie trailer — whether it’s new in theaters, a coming attraction or even an old classic you may have missed, it’ll be something worth checking out!

If you thought I was going to highlight a movie other than Divergent today, then you were kidding yourself. I loved the book series (though I need a couple more rereads before I can decide if I favor it over The Hunger Games), and this cast is killer. The early reviews are meh, but I always think it’s challenging reviewing book-to-film adaptations — especially when the source material is so well-loved. (I mean, I think it’s fair to say it took several movies before the Harry Potter films hit their stride.) I probably won’t be seeing it this weekend (I’m too old for all that screaming in theaters), so I think I’ll enjoy rereading Divergent during a trip down to DC first.

Anyone else looking forward to Divergent finally being released?

~ Sarah