Happy 6 Months!

My dearest Zamboni,

You probably don’t remember this, since you’re a dog and don’t keep a calendar, but you came home with us six months ago today. It was a long car ride up from Wilmington, but you did so well — I knew that was a good sign.

I was so happy to have you home, because it meant having company every night when your dad is off conquering the world of high school sports reporting. It meant having an exercise buddy for walks around the neighborhood (well, when it’s above freezing). It meant having a furry face lick me awake each morning I’m off from work. And even though you take up too much room in the bed, you’re worth it.

Undeniably, the best part of having you around is the extra dose of personality you bring to our home. Not that we needed it, but you know. Your oinks and roars and monthly bark crack us up. Your sarcastic faces are my favorite thing to photograph (I’ve met more dramatic dogs, but you’re the snarkiest). Your curiosity means you fit right in.

Stay cool, kid. We have many more months (and years) ahead. And don’t worry, I’m already planning your birthday for next month.