February Budget

Feb Budget

Old Navy camisole, $3.50 (originally $4.50)
Old Navy hair ties, $4.00
Print Button-down (Burlington Coat Factory), $10.98
Nude Flats (Burlington Coat Factory), $9.99

Total: $28.48 ($10.40 over my budget of $18.08, after going over in January by $41.92)

News flash: it’s still cold and miserable here in Philadelphia, so I guess it was a good thing I don’t have all that much money to spend on clothing right now. I swear I shop at other stores besides Old Navy and Burlington, but my office is attached to a mall and these are by far the best managed stores there.

Like last month, there were the practical purchases and the fun ones. I went into ON after work one day because I desperately needed hair ties and found this cheap camisole, perfect for a base layer during this eternal winter (though it is a little too sheer to wear alone in the summer).

As for my fun purchases, they came out of sheer boredom but I’m pretty happy with them. I haven’t worn either the button-down or flats yet because of the weather, though hopefully that changes soon. The flats are a tad too girly for me, but I’ve been looking for nude flats for ages, and you can’t beat the quality and price.

I’m really excited about the button-down though, and it’s easily my favorite purchase in a while. The splotchy dot print is fun but still dressy, and it can be worn cuffed or uncuffed (and the button tab is camouflaged perfectly in the print). So it’s pretty well-made and the original tag listed the price at $59.00, so it was a definite score from the clearance racks.

For March, I’m happy I’ll have a little more wiggle room budget-wise (just shy of $50 set aside), but I’m hoping to take sometime before shopping for any spring pieces. I’ll be too happy to reunite with my old favorites before wanting to add more to the mix.

~ Sarah

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