Sweet On You

Cookie Dough Cheesecake

We celebrated Nick’s birthday last week (24 — that’s like mid-twenties, guys), so of course the occasion called for homemade dessert. This guy loves cheesecake, but this cookie dough one is his favorite.  It’s actually a little too sweet for me, but it’s a great treat once or twice a year.

The recipe is from Kraft, and I’ve tried it a few times already after finding it on Pinterest. It’s super easy and quick in terms of prep time, but as always with cheesecakes, you need to set time aside to bake and then refrigerate (ideally overnight).

I guess you could use real cookie dough, but who has time for that? I usually use about half for the crust, bake it for about five minutes, then mix in the rest by the spoonful with the filling. (I recommend cookie dough that’s already portioned out.)

Mm, gooey deliciousness going into the oven…

Forty minutes or so later…

This recipe does make a lot of batter, so you can also make a few mini cheesecakes with the leftovers (just use cupcake liners!).

Hungry yet? Here’s the recipe for 3-step cookie dough cheesecake!

~ Sarah