Link Love


The oldest survivor of the Holocaust has died, and she leaves behind quite the legacy.


Long read alert: from Newsweek, an examination into how colleges handle their students’ mental health issues.


Time introduces us to the cinemagraph, the GIF’s more refined and complicated cousin.

From NPR, how diversity in media benefits Hollywood’s bottomline and, from a personal column in the Times, what it means to see a family onscreen that represents your own.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday (finally!!), so I totally enjoyed this analysis on the content in Oscar acceptance speeches. (Hint: Meryl gets thanked a lot.)


Helpful: how to dress warmly in the morning but cool in the afternoon. (I think this is a hint of spring!)

Adorable: the Milwaukee Brewers have let a stray dog join their team for spring training and the results are aww-worthy.

~ Sarah