Beatles Graphic Sweatshirt

Beatles Sweatshirt (gift) – Forever 21 (exact); Jeans – Ross (similar); Glitter Sneakers – Old Navy (girl’s, similar).

Beatles Graphic Sweatshirt

In case you missed it all over the news earlier this month, February marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival to America. And while I wasn’t around to watch Ed Sullivan in 1964, this milestone still makes me feel kind of old. I remember going to an exhibit with my dad in seventh grade marking the Beatles’ first visit to Miami Beach (February 13, 1964) — and that’s already 10 years ago!

My first two years of high school, I feel like I lived in band tees – the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors. So this graphic sweatshirt, a Christmas gift from my brother, takes me back. (Hint: if you want an oversized look, size up — this is true to size.) Instead of pairing it with bootcut jeans and navy Converse (like 15-year-old Sarah would) I opted for electric blue skinnies (surprisingly versatile!) and glitter sneakers (better look here). It’s a comfy cool look perfect for a snowy day inside finishing of “House of Cards.”

In related news, I found a spot inside that’s well-lit enough for indoor photos. Because it’s too gross to venture outside if I don’t have to. Sorry, not sorry.

~ Sarah