Link Love: Holiday Edition

Link Love

Ok, there’s nothing particularly festive about these links but if you already need a break from your family, I’m at your service!


As someone who is starting to pay off those student loans (only government ones, thank goodness) this Forbes story on a 20-something who worked to pay off nearly 100 grand in three years was both inspiring and overwhelming.

On the other hand, this blog post from Huffington on a student who graduated college debt-free was just infuriating. College wasn’t all that for me, but there is more to it than that paper diploma. (Or maybe I’m just jealous?)


The Winter Olympics around the corner, but before that comes the Trials, where this unexpected and inspiring Olympic hopeful will be competing.

Feminism & Media

From NPR, when it comes to feminism, who is considered a woman of color? As a light-skinned Latina-American, I definitely found this article interesting.

PSA: not all women share the same “female” experience — not even close. [h/t Harper Honey]

Surprise! You can fake a sleek physique on Instagram and Pinterest, no Photoshop required.

Or you could use Photoshop, like this photographer in these satirical ads criticizing the beauty industry. (See all the photos at Beauty Is Only Pixel Deep.)

According to the New York Times, if you’re planning on being an assistant in the magazine industry like The Devil Wears Prada, you better have a handle on social media. #TheTimesIsOnIt

Despite a very strong year for women in film, they (we) continue to be under- and misrepresented in film, even compared to television (and especially if you’re a minority).


Also from NPR, an interesting series on the afterlife of American clothes. Hmm…

Any good reads to share?

~ Sarah