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It really is the end of the era: a heartwarming reflection on working at Blockbuster back in the day. [via The Hairpin]

Surprised that Philadelphia didn’t make this list of best cities for millennials. [via Refinery 29]

Super-interesting perspective: the trouble with second-hand clothes. [via The Business of Fashion]

In depressing but unsurprising news, Latinos are underrepresented in movies, despite buying over a quarter of movie tickets. [via Cosmo For Latinas]

As a lover of public transit, I can relate to the high, hidden costs of owning a car. [via Babble

I already drink water, but seeing its unbelievable health benefits makes me want to chug some more. [via Lovelyish]

Useful Chrome extensions for bloggers — I have to install these ASAP. [via Philly Blog Love]

A fellow Fordham grad is behind a new magazine that explicitly bans Photoshop. Awesome. [via College Fashion]

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