Ahora Amo

Oh man! It’s been months since I’ve done one of these posts — where has the time gone? Anyway, here’s what I’m loving lately.

Liberty Bell

♡ Old City because there’s nowhere else like it (tourists seem to agree).

♡ Thai bubble tea. So good.

♡ The sun being out when I leave for work — trying to look on the bright side of the time change.

these just ordered-boots which my mom insisted on buying for me (thanks, mom!).

pit lab

♡ this face, because how couldn’t I? Zamboni’s been with us almost two months now!

♡ my friend Christine’s new blog, The Hitchcockian Cockatoo. Go read it!

♡ mini golf. I’m horrendously bad at it, but a couple weeks ago I had a chance to play with my family and Nick’s, and it was a great time. Even though I lost by 18 shots.

♡ Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey body lotion. Luxury.

Squareburger milkshake

♡ the pumpkin pie milkshake at SquareBurger. Yum.

♡ Chai tea lattes. Recent discovery of mine — I always assumed they had coffee. At the age of 23, I feel my first problematic Starbucks addiction coming on.

♡ homemade applesauce in my Crockpot — thanks, Pinterest!

♡ seeing so many faces from home in October! Between my family and one of my closest friends from high school, it was a great month for visitors! I’m always open to more too!

homemade potato pancakes

♡ potato pancakes from scratch. Still so proud of these. Served with my applesauce.

♡ making plans for brunch, because brunch is always a good idea (except for my wallet, sadly).

Allegiant — but I’m still processing!

♡ flowers all over the house!

Happy November!

~ Sarah