Bare-Legged Lady

Polka Dots & Cargo Jacket

Jacket – Macy’s (exact); Scarf – DIY by me (similar); Dress – hand-me-down (similar); Flats – Old Navy (exact).

Unpopular opinion (especially among fashion bloggers): I really dislike fall. Because of my South Florida upbringing, I’m hopelessly attached to warm weather (notice I don’t say humidity, ick). The sudden change in temperatures, cloudy days and early nights doesn’t bring out the best of me (you can read more why here).

So imagine my surprise (and delight) with the very mild October we’re having. I wore a dress today. Without tights or boots. Because when those come on, they basically stay on for six months at a time and I’m just not ready for that commitment.

And yes, I’m hiding my hair with my scarf. I’m pretty over it: it’s dry, scraggly and shapeless all at the same time. I’m ready to chop it off; I’m thinking something like this or this. Thoughts anyone?

~ Sarah